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Changing The Volume; Muting The Speakers - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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13.2 Changing the volume

The volume of the device can be changed with the round control dial
the device will be indicated on the display in the process. The volume scale ranges from 0 – 45.
When the car radio is turned off, the volume is only stored if it falls below the level of the
"S.VOLUME" setting. Any volume levels exceeding this are reduced to protect hearing. The
volume for the reactivation can be set in the system menu under the "S.VOLUME" function.
• Don't use the car radio at an excessive volume. Otherwise there is the risk that you will
permanently damage your hearing.
• Please consider that while using the device you should still be in the position of perceiving
your surroundings (warning signals, sirens, etc.).
• Please only perform lengthy changes of the device settings while the vehicle is parked.
Otherwise your concentration might be affected by the changes.

13.3 Muting the speakers

To mute the connected speakers, briefly press the "MUTE" button
display. To return to the original volume, press the "MUTE" button
volume control dial. The message "MUTE" will turn off and the volume will be at the same level
as before it was muted.
The MUTE setting also affects the LINE outputs and disrupts these until the function is
deactivated again.
. The current volume of
. "MUTE" will appear on the
again briefly or turn the