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Checking Stored Stations; Loc Function - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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14.8 Checking stored stations

For this function, the stations stored under the station buttons of a particular wave length are
scanned for about five seconds.
In order to begin checking, briefly press the "P.SCAN" button
will begin flashing on the display in sequence and the corresponding stations will be scanned.
When the monitor is open, the currently scanned memory position has a lighted background
and PRESET will be indicated on the display. The PSCN field will be available to you here as
To remain at the currently scanned station, press the "P.SCAN" button
again. Then the setting will remain at the last scanned station. If no entry is made by the end of
the complete search, the device will play the first station on the corresponding level (e.g. F1 or
FM 1.

14.9 LOC function

The "LOCAL" function is relevant for the station search. Here you can select whether only local,
strong stations ("ON") or also weaker, more distant stations ("OFF") are searched for.
The "LOC" function prevents a corresponding switch to a stronger station as long as it isn't
broadcasting the same program as the one currently being listened to.
You can activate the function by briefly pressing the screen button "LOC" once. Then the button
switches colours from grey to white. If the button sounds are turned on, a brief signal tone will
follow. This function can be turned off again by pressing the screen button "LOC" once more.
Then the colour changes from white to grey again and this may be followed by a signal tone.
To find out how to set the function when the monitor is closed, please refer to section 19 below.
This setting only affects the radio mode and can only be carried out while the radio mode is
. The station positions "1" - "6"
or the PSCN field