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Eon For The Automatic Station Switch For Traffic Announcements - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio
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21.6 EON for the automatic station switch for traffic announcements

The "EON" function is an additional RDS service. If the current program doesn't offer any traffic
announcements, EON automatically switches to the traffic announcements on another program.
After the end of the announcement, the device switches back to the previously heard station.
The readiness for traffic announcements "TA" has to be activated for this.
To activate the "EON" function, press the control dial
until menu level 2 is reached. The
"LOC" function will appear. Press the control dial
until you get to the menu item "EON". There
you will have the option of activating (ON) or deactivating (OFF) the function by turning the dial.
If the "EON" function is activated, "EON" will appear on the display.
The setting is saved either when the desired value is confirmed by pressing the control dial
through automatic memory (don't change anything on the device for approx. five seconds). If
you confirm the selection by pressing the control dial
, you will reach the next possible setting.
If you use the automatic memory, the device will return to the standard display.


Table of Contents