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Important Safety Instructions - Silvercrest CDV-710 User Manual

Cd/dvd car radio


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Important safety instructions

Please read and strictly observe the following instructions!
Never open the case of the car radio; it does not contain
any serviceable parts! If the case is open, there is a risk
of fatality due to electric shock.
Do not give your car radio and especially the accessories to children. Never let your
children use electrical devices without supervision. Children are not always able to
recognize potential hazards. Also keep the packaging films away from children. There is
a danger of suffocation.
The car radio and the accompanying components may not be exposed to dripping or
sprayed water. Make sure that no containers filled with liquid, such as e.g. cups or
bottles, are placed in the vicinity of the device.
Make sure that the display is not exposed to any bumps. This could damage the display.
Please familiarize yourself with the different functions of your device before you begin
driving. Excessively high volumes can pose a risk for you and other people in traffic.
Therefore always select the volume at such a level that environmental sounds (horns,
sirens, etc.) can still be perceived.
Don't use the car radio at an excessive volume. This poses a risk to your hearing.
Please only perform lengthy changes of the device settings while the vehicle is parked.
Your concentration might be affected by the changes.
Only install the device in such a manner that safe driving is assured.
Install the device in such a manner that it doesn't impede the driver and can't injure any
of the vehicle's occupants in the event of emergency braking.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents