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Maintenance - Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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Every 8 Hours or Daily
Check safety interlock system
Clean debris off tractor and mower deck
Clean debris from engine compartment
Every 25 Hours or Annually *
Check mower blade stopping time
Check tractor and mower for loose hardware
Check tire pressure
Every 50 Hours or Annually *
Check tractor brakes
Clean battery and cables
See Dealer Annually to
Lubricate tractor and mower
Check mower blades **
* Whichever comes first
** Check blades more often in regions with sandy soils or
high dust conditions.
First 5 Hours
Change engine oil - see engine manual
Every 8 Hours or Daily
Check engine oil level - see engine manual
Every 25 Hours or Annually*
Clean engine air filter and pre-cleaner **
Every 50 Hours or Annually
Change engine oil
Replace oil filter
Replace air filter
Replace pre-cleaner
See Dealer An nually to
Inspect muffler and spark arrester
Replace spark plug
Replace fuel filter
Clean engine air cooling system
* Whichever comes first
** Clean more often in dusty conditions or when airborne
debris is present.
Maintenance, replacement, or repair of the emissions control
devices and systems may be performed by any non-road
engine repair establishment or individual. However, to obtain
"no charge" emissions control service, the work must be per-
formed by a factory authorized dealer. See the Emissions
Check Mower Blade Stopping
Mower blades and mower drive belt should come to a
complete stop within five seconds after the electric PTO
switch is turned off.
1. With tractor in neutral, PTO disengaged and operator in
seat, start the engine.
2. Look over the left-hand footrest at the mower drive belt.
Engage the PTO and wait several seconds. Disengage
the PTO and check the amount of time it takes for the
mower drive belt to stop.
3. If mower drive belt does not stop within five seconds, see
your dealer.
Check Tire Pressures
The tire pressure should be checked
11). The maximum inflation is stamped on the sidewall
of the
tires. Do not exceed the maximum tire pressure.
Front: 15 x 6.0-6
Rear: 22 x 10.0-10
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