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Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual page 11

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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PTO Switch
The PTO (Power Take-Off) switch engages and
disengages attachments that use the PTO. To engage the
PTO, pull UP on the switch. Push DOWN to disengage.
Note that the operator must be seated firmly in the tractor
seat for the PTO to function.
The ignition switch starts and stops the engine, it has
three positions:
Stops the engine and shuts off the
electrical system.
Allows the engine to run and powers the
electrical system.
Cranks the engine for starting.
NOTE: Never leave the ignition switch in the RUN
position with the engine stopped-this
drains the battery.
Depressing the brake pedal applies the tractor brake.
The tractor's forward ground speed is controlled by the
forward ground speed control pedal. The tractor's reverse
ground speed is controlled by the reverse ground speed
control pedal.
Depressing either pedal will increase ground speed. Note
that the further down the pedal is depressed, the faster
the tractor will travel.
The parking brake knob is used to lock the parking brake
when the tractor is stopped. Fully depressing the brake
pedal and pulling up on the knob engages the parking
Mower Height
of Cut Adjustment
The cutting height is adjustable between 1.0" and 4.0"
(2,5 and 10,2 cm).
The cutting height adjustment switch controls the mower
cutting height. This same switch also controls the spout
rotator motor when a snowthrower is installed. The arrows
on the switch correspond to the direction of adjustment
(UP arrow raises cutting height, RIGHT arrow rotates
the spout right, etc). When the adjustment indicator has
reached the end of its travel, release the switch; holding
the switch down will damage the motor.
The cruise control is used to lock the ground speed
control in forward. Move the lever forward until the
desired ground speed is reached. To disengage the
cruise control move the lever back. In the event you need
to stop quickly, depressing the brake pedal will also return
the cruise control to neutral.
Lift Control
When using the mower deck, lift the deck off the ground
while transporting to and from the job site. DO NOT cut
with the mower in the raised, transport position.
The attachment lift control lever raises and lowers
attachments that utilize the tractor's manual lift linkage.
To lower an attachment: pull the lever back slightly,
depress the release button, and push the lever forward
until it locks in the lowered position. To raise an
attachment: push the lever forward slightly, depress the
release button, then pull the lever back until it locks in the
raised position.
Seat Adjustment
The seat can be adjusted forward and back. Move the
lever, position the seat as desired, and release the lever
to lock the seat into position.
The transmission release lever deactivates the
transmission so that the tractor can be pushed by hand.
See Pushing
the Tractor by Hand.
Fuel Tank
To remove the cap, turn counterclockwise.
The fuel
gauge is part of the dashboard.
The power outlet is 12V-DC. Accessory must be rated at
9 amps or less.
Hour Meter
The hour meter measures the number of hours the key
has been in the RUN position.

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