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Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual page 13

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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Safety interlock
System Tests
This unit is equipped with safety interlock switches and
other safety devices. These safety systems are present
for your safety: do not attempt to bypass safety switches,
and never tamper with safety devices.
If the unit does not pass a safety test, do not
operate it. See your authorized dealer.
Oil Recommendations
We recommend the use of Briggs & Stratton Warranty
Certified oils for best performance. Other high-quality
detergent oils are acceptable if classified for service SF,
SG, SH, SJ or higher. Do not use special additives.
Outdoor temperatures determine the proper oil viscosity
for the engine. Use the chart to select the best viscosity
for the outdoor temperature range expected.
Test 1 -- Engine should
NOT crank if:
• PTO switch is ON, OR
• Brake pedal is NOT fully depressed (parking brake
• The cruise control lever is NOT in NEUTRAL.
Test 2 -- Engine SHOULD crank if:
• PTO switch is OFF, AND
• Brake pedal is fully depressed (parking brake ON),
° The cruise control lever is in NEUTRAL.
Test 3 -- Engine should
° Operator rises off seat with PTO engaged, OR
° Operator rises off seat with brake pedal NOT fully
depressed (parking brake OFF).
Test 4 -- Check Mower Blade Stopping Time
Mower blades and mower drive belt should come to a
complete stop within five seconds after electric PTO
switch is turned OFF. If mower drive belt does not stop
within five seconds, contact Sears Service.
Test 5 -- Reverse Mow Option (RMO) Check
• Engine should shut off if reverse travel is attempted
if the PTO has been switched on and RMO has not
been activated.
• RMO light should illuminate when RMO has been
NOTE: Once the engine has stopped, the PTO switch
must be turned off after the operator returns to the seat in
order to start the engine.
Below40°F (4°C)the useof SAE30will result in hardstarting.
** Above80°F(27°C) the useof 10W-30maycauseincreased 0il consumption. C heck0il
Before adding or checking
the oil
Place engine level.
Clean the oil fill area of any debris.
1. Remove the dipstick (A, Figure 5) and wipe with a
clean cloth.
2. Insert and tighten the dipstick.
3. Remove the dipstick and check the oil level. It should
be at the FULL mark (B) on the dipstick.
4. If low, add oil slowly into the engine oil fill (C). Do not
After adding oil, wait one minute and then
recheck the oil level.
NOTE: Do not add oil at the quick oil drain (if equipped).
5. Replace and tighten the dipstick.

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