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Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual page 22

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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Mower Deck Washout
NOTE: The washout port allows you to connect a typical
garden hose to the trim side (L.H.) of the mower deck
to remove grass and debris from the underside. This
ensures proper and safe operation of the mower.
1. Place the lawn tractor on a smooth level surface.
Before running the mower, make sure the hose is
properly connected and does not come into contact
with the blades. When the mower is running and the
blades are engaged, the person cleaning the mower
deck must be in the operator position, and there are
no bystanders.
Failure to follow these precautions
may result in serious injury or death.
Figure 15
Mower Gauge Wheels
The mower gauge wheels can be placed in several positions
depending on the height of cut. When using higher cutting
heights, set the wheels in the lower position. When using
lower cutting heights, set the wheels in the upper position.
1. Remove the Iocknut (A, Figure 16), gauge wheel (B),
washer (C), and shoulder bolt (D). Change position of
gauge wheel to desired height.
2. Insert shoulder bolt (D) through washer (C) gauge wheel
(B), and gauge wheel bracket (E). Secure with Iocknut
(A). Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for all gauge wheels.
Attach the quick disconnect (A, Figure 17) to garden
hose (B) and connect to washout port (C) on mower
Turn the mower on and place in the highest cutting
Run water to remove grass and debris from underside
of mower deck.
Turn the mower off.
Remove the garden hose and quick disconnect from
the washout port when completed.
Figure 16
Figure 17

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