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Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual page 28

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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Never store the unit (with fuel) in an
poorly ventilated
vapors can travel to an ignition source (such
as a furnace,
water heater, etc.) and cause an
explosion. Fuel vapor is also toxic to humans
and animals.
When Storing Fuel Or Equipment
With Fuel in Tank
Store away from furnaces, stoves, water heaters or
other appliances that have pilot lights or other ignition
sources because they can ignite fuel vapors.
Disengage the PTO, set the parking brake, and remove
the key.
Battery life will be increased if it is removed. Put in a cool,
dry place and fully charged about once a month. If the
battery is left in the unit, disconnect the negative cable.
Fuel System
Fuel can become stale when stored over 30 days. Stale
fuel causes acid and gum deposits to form in the fuel
system or on essential carburetor parts. To keep fuel fresh,
use Briggs & Stratton®
Formula Fuel Treat-
ment & Stabilizer,
available wherever Briggs & Stratton
genuine service parts are sold.
For engines equipped with a FRESH START@ fuel cap,
use Briggs & Stratton
FRESH START@ available in a
drip concentrate cartridge.
There is no need to drain gasoline from the engine if a
fuel stabilizer is added according to instructions. Run the
engine for 2 minutes to circulate the stabilizer throughout
the fuel system before storage.
Engine Oil
While the engine is still warm, change the engine oil.
Before starting the unit after it has been stored:
• Check all fluid levels. Check all maintenance items.
• Perform all recommended
checks and procedures
found in this manual.
• Allow the engine to warm up for several minutes before

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