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Craftsman CTX 9000 Operator's Manual page 15

22 gross hp briggs & stratton with 46" mower
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Clean the fuel cap area of dirt and debris. Remove
the fuel cap (A, Figure 6).
Fill the fuel tank with fuel. To allow for expansion of
the gasoline, do not fill above the bottom of the
fuel tank neck.
3. Reinstall the fuel cap.
Figure 6
the Engine
Fuel and its vapors are extremely flammable
and explosive.
Fire or explosion
can cause severe burns or
When Starting
Ensure that spark plug, muffler, fuel cap and air
cleaner (if equipped) are in place and secured.
Do not crank engine with spark plug removed.
If engine floods, set choke (if equipped) to OPEN/
RUN position, move throttle (if equipped) to FAST
position and crank until engine starts.
Engines give off carbon monoxide,
odorless, colorless, poison gas.
Breathing carbon monoxide can cause
nausea, fainting
or death.
Start and run engine outdoors.
Do not start or run engine in enclosed area, even if
doors or windows are open.
1. Check the oil level. See the How to Check/Add
2. Make sure equipment drive controls are disengaged.
3. Move the throttle control to the FAST position.
Operate the engine in the FAST position.
4. Turn the electric start switch to the ON/START
NOTE: If the engine does not start after repeated
attempts, go to BRIGGSandSTRATTON.COIVI
or call
1 =800-233=3723 (in USA).
NOTICE: To extend the life of the starter, use short
starting cycles (five seconds maximum). Wait one minute
between starting cycles.
the Tractor
1. Sit in the seat and adjust the seat so that you can
comfortably reach all the controls and see the
dashboard display.
2. Engage the parking brake.
3. Make sure the PTO switch is disengaged.
4. Start the engine (see Starting the Engine).
5. Disengage the parking brake and release the
brake pedal.
6. Depress the forward ground speed control pedal to
travel forward. Release the pedal to stop. Note that the
further down the pedal is depressed the faster the tractor
will travel.
7. Stop the tractor by releasing the ground speed control
pedals, setting the parking brake, and stopping the
engine (see Stopping the Tractor and Engine).
1. Set the mower cutting height to the desired level and set
the gauge wheels to the appropriate position.
2. Engage the parking brake. Make sure the PTO switch
is disengaged.
3. Start the engine (see Starting the Engine).
4. Set the throttle control to FULL.
5. Engage the PTO (Mower Deck).
6. Begin mowing.
7. When finished, shut off the PTO and raise the mower
using the attachment lift control lever.
8. Stop the engine (see Stopping the Tractorand

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