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Dell 1815dn - All-in-one Laser Printer Owner's Manual Page 69

Laser multi-function printer.
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Fax options
Contrast: You can select the default contrast value to fax your documents lighter or darker.
Resolution: You can select the default resolution setting.
Ring to Answer: You can specify the number of times the printer rings, 1-7, before answering an
incoming call.
Receive Mode: You can select the default fax receiving mode.
Fax mode (automatic receive mode): The printer answers an incoming call and automatically goes
into receive mode. The number of rings before the printer answers can be set in the Ring to
Answer option. If the user memory is full, the printer is changed to Tel mode.
Tel mode (manual receive mode): Manual receive mode is enabled when automatic fax reception
is turned off.
You can receive a fax by:
picking up the handset of the extension phone not directly connected to the back of the printer
and then pressing the remote receive code, or
picking up the handset of the extension phone directly connected to the back of the printer and
pressing Start (
accessing Fax
from the remote mahine) and then pressing Start (
Ans/Fax mode: The printer can share one telephone line with an answering machine. In this
mode, the printer will monitor the fax signal and pick up the line if there are fax tones. If the
phone communication in your country is serial, this mode is not available.
DRPD Mode: Before using the Distinctive Ring Pattern Detection (DRPD) option, distinctive
ring service must be installed on your telephone line by the telephone company. After the
telephone company has provided a separate number for faxing with a distinctive ring pattern,
configure the fax setup to monitor for that specific ring pattern.
Redial Delay: Your printer can automatically redial a remote fax machine if it was busy. Intervals from
1-15 minutes can be entered.
Redial Attmpts: You can specify the number of redial attempts, 1-13.
MSG Confirm: You can set your printer to print a report showing whether the transmission was
successful, how many pages were sent, and more. The available options are On, Off and On-Error,
which prints only when a transmission is not successful.
Auto Report: A report with detailed information about the previous 50 communications operations,
including time and dates. The available options are On or Off.
Auto Reduction: When receiving a document as long as or longer than the paper loaded in the paper
tray, the printer can reduce the size of the document to fit the size of paper loaded in the printer.
Select On if you want to automatically reduce the incoming document.
With this feature set to Off, the printer cannot reduce the document to fit onto one page. The
document is divided and printed in actual size on two or more pages.
), or
On Hook Dial
Yes when the bell is ringing (you can hear voice or fax tones
) on the operator panel.
Using Your Multi-Function Printer


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