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Backup And Recovery; Recovering System Information - HP Pavilion HDX Maintenance And Service Manual

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Backup and Recovery


Recovering system information

Tools provided by the operating system and Recovery Manager software are designed to help you with
the following tasks for safeguarding your information and restoring it in case of a system failure:
Backing up your information regularly to protect your important system files.
Making a set of recovery discs (Recovery Manager software feature). Recovery discs are used to
start up (boot) your computer and restore the operating system and software programs to factory
settings in case of system failure or instability.
Creating system restore points (operating system feature). System restore points allow you to reverse
undesirable changes to your computer by restoring the computer to an earlier state.
Recovering a program or driver (Recovery Manager software feature). This feature helps you reinstall
a program or driver without performing a full system recovery.
Performing a full system recovery (Recovery Manager software feature). With Recovery Manager,
you can recover your full factory image if you experience system failure or instability. Recovery
Manager works from a dedicated recovery partition on the hard drive or from recovery discs you
create.Back up your information regularly to protect your important system files.
Creating recovery discs
After setting up the computer for the first time, be sure to create a set of recovery discs of the full factory
image. The recovery discs are used to start up (boot) the computer and recover the operating system and
software to factory settings in case of system instability or failure.
Handle these discs carefully and keep them in a safe place. The software allows the creation of
only one set of recovery discs.
Note the following guidelines before creating recovery discs:
You will need high quality CD-R, DVD-R, DVD-R with double-layer support, DVD+R, or DVD+R with
double-layer support discs (purchased separately).
compatible with the Recovery Manager software.
The computer must be connected to AC power during this process.
Only one set of recovery discs can be created per computer.
Number each disc before inserting it into the computer optical drive.
If necessary, you can exit the program before you have finished creating the recovery discs. The next
time you open Recovery Manager, you will be prompted to continue the disc creation process.
116 Chapter 8 Backup and Recovery
Read-write discs, such as CD-RW, DVD ± RW, and DVD±RW double-layer discs, are not

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