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Ecp Status Codes; Programming For Zone Trigger, 4204 And Two-4204 Emulation Modes; Zone Trigger Mode; 4204 And Two-4204 Emulation Modes - Honeywell AlarmNet GSMBR Installation And Setup Manual

Communications module
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GSMBR / iGSMBR Installation and Setup Guide

ECP Status Codes

When the module is configured for ECP mode, it sends status messages to the control panel
for battery, power, tamper, and network connectivity failures. Some of the control panels
(such as; VISTA-10P, VISTA-15P and VISTA-20P series) display these on the keypad as
"LngRng Radio" followed by a 4-digit code (see the table below). In addition, the Contact ID
codes (listed in Appendix A) for these conditions are sent to the central station.

Programming for Zone Trigger, 4204 and Two-4204 Emulation Modes

Zone Trigger Mode

There are six input zones available on the module. Each zone can be programmed for V+,
V–, or EOLR trigger. The Z1/Z2 zone input can detect both pulsed and steady signals if
connected to a bell output. Additionally, that zone can be programmed to detect a single
pulse (characteristic of a Panic indication on the LYNX, LYNXR or LYNXR-EN control panel
by enabling the LYNX Panic option). If the programming option "LYNX Panic" is enabled,
the module reports an alarm on zone 3. No restores are reported for this zone. Further, if
this option is selected, the second physical zone input is ignored.
When using Zone Trigger mode, messages are sent in ADEMCO High-Speed format.
Zones 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are voltage trigger inputs located on TB1 pins 6-10. If the LYNX Panic
feature is being used, do not connect zone 3 (TB1-6).
Refer to the programming table in this section, and follow the prompts that pertain to
Zone Trigger Mode. A check mark ( ) indicates whether the prompt applies to that mode.

4204 and Two-4204 Emulation Modes

In this mode the communications module emulates a 4204 module (or two) and appears to
the control panel as a 4204 module. If two 4204s are enabled in the communications module,
it acts as two 4204s at consecutive device addresses.
The compatible Honeywell VISTA series or First Alert control panel sends data (triggers) to
the communications module as if it were a 4204 module. (The control panel must be
configured to recognize one or two 4204 relay modules accordingly.) On VISTA-32FB (or
higher) control panels and First Alert equivalents, addresses 6 and 13 should not be used
when the secondary 4204 is enabled. Messages are sent in ADEMCO High-Speed format.
NOTE: See your control panel Installation and Setup Guide for the number of 4204 modules
Common ECP Keypad Display Status Codes
Control panel lost communication with communications module.
Tamper detected (cover removed).
Lost contact with AlarmNet.
Module is not registered; account not activated.
Power on / reset AND the control panel lost communications with module.
Power on / reset AND tamper detected.
Power on/ reset AND tamper detected AND not registered.
Tamper detected and module battery low.
Primary power loss (will only be displayed in conjunction with another event).
Battery charger failure (will only be displayed in conjunction with another event).
Low battery (will only be displayed in conjunction with another event).
supported. The LYNXR-I does not support 4204 mode.



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