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4204 Emulation Mode Options; Programming - Honeywell AlarmNet GSMBR Installation And Setup Manual

Communications module
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4204 Emulation Mode Options

For control panels that do not support LRR-ECP communication, the 4204 Emulation modes
provide a means of sending up to eight unique reports based on defined system conditions.
In 4204 mode, the communications module functions as a logical 4204 Relay Module, where
each relay number, referred to in the module as zone number, can be programmed to send a
report based on the output function programmed in the control for that relay. Each relay-
zone can also be programmed to send a restore message of the reported condition, can be set
to delay transmission of messages, and can be programmed to send reports only when a
conditional zone is triggered (armed), (see Important Information Regarding Zone Input
Options later in this section).
In single 4204 mode, the module supports up to four relay-zones. In Two-4204 mode, the
module functions as two 4204 modules, supporting up to eight relay-zones.
Refer to the following table.
First 4204 Zones
(device address entered in Prompt 14):
Relay 1 = Zone 1
Relay 2 = Zone 2
Relay 3 = Zone 3
Relay 4 = Zone 4 or conditional zone trigger if
"report only if armed" is selected in any zone 1-3
when using single 4204 mode.
NOTE: Zone 4 status is not reported when being
used as the conditional (armed) trigger zone.
When using the module in 4204 Emulation Mode, DO NOT enable the Long-Range Radio
module in control panel programming. Instead, enable 4204 relay module address(es) and
program the appropriate relay activation functions for the relay-zones being used. In some
control panels, it is called "relay programming" and in others it is called "output device
programming." It is recommended that "close and stay closed" (usually choice 2) action is
selected. Selection of momentary activation will cause the communications module to
generate an alarm and NOT a restore, even if the module is programmed to send a restore for
the given zone.
In 4204 mode, messages are reported in ADEMCO High-Speed format. Zone alarms
(status 7) are reported with "1" (alarm) or "3" (restore) displayed in the zone position for the
respective zone (e.g. alarm on zone 2: 5155 5555 7; restore 5355 5555 7). A supervision fault
trouble message is automatically sent if the module detects no activity on its connection to
the control. The message is: 5555 5515 5; restore message is: 5555 5535 5.
Refer to Table 5 for 4204 Emulation Mode programming and follow the prompts that pertain
to 4204 or Two-4204 mode. A check mark ( ) indicates whether the prompt applies to that


Press the [ENTER] key to begin programming
operation being programmed.
NOTE: The central station can remotely block access to local device
programming. If this has been done, the following prompt appears:
4204 Relay Outputs map to zones
Second 4204 Zones
(device address entered in Prompt 14, plus 1):
Relay 1 = Zone 5
Relay 2 = Zone 6
Relay 3 = Zone 7
Relay 4 = Zone 8 or conditional zone trigger if
NOTE: Zone 8 status is not reported when being
used as the conditional (armed) trigger zone or if
tamper reporting is enabled.
and f
Section 3: Programming
"report only if armed" is selected in any
zone 1-7 when using Two-4204 mode.
ollow the prompts for the mode of
Access to Prog
Mode Denied



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