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Honeywell AlarmNet GSMBR Installation And Setup Manual page 20

Communications module
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GSMBR / iGSMBR Installation and Setup Guide
Create Password?
Change Password?
Enter Password
Verify Password
Exit Prog. Mode?
Device Mode
Users can receive email notification of system events by using the Multi-Mode feature. In ECP mode, this is
accomplished through emulation of a 4204 relay module, or two 4204 relay modules. When "4204-sourced" is
selected, the user can be notified of up to four events, plus two additional events if using the optional communication
device zones of 6 and 7. When "2-4204-sourced" is selected, the user can be notified of up to eight system events. The
Multi-Mode address must match the address of a relay module enabled in the control panel (although you don't
actually connect a module). If using "2-4204-sourced," the address of the second module is automatically assigned
the next device address after the first 4204. Make sure that address is also enabled in the control panel. Program
the outputs to trigger on system events the user would like to be notified of through Output Device (Relay)
programming in the control panel.
For LYNXR-I/ReadyGuardR-I series controls, if "4204 Sourced" is selected, you must enable Multi-Mode Address 6 or
7 in the control panel (program field *86). If "2-4204" Sourced is selected, you must enable both.
These events are configured at the AlarmNet Total Connect website:
Multi-Mode (email notification) is intended as a convenience for the user, and does not replace Central Station
reporting of critical events (alarms, troubles, etc.).
Programming for ECP Mode
[Y], [N]
[Y], [N]
[0-9, A-F, N, S,
T, X, Y]
[0-9, A-F, N, S,
T, X, Y]
[Y], [N]
• Zone Triggers
• 4204 Emu
• Two 4204s
Important Information Regarding Multi-Mode Options
Passwords can be used to protect account and
programming information.
If no password has been assigned, this prompt appears
after pressing [N] at the "Program Device?" prompt.
If a password is desired, press [Y] and go to "Enter
If a password has already been assigned, this prompt
appears after pressing [N] at the "Program Device?"
Press [Y] if you want to change the password.
NOTE: To clear an existing password, without entering
a new one, answer [Y] to the "Change Password?"
prompt, then press the [Enter] key when prompted for
the new password and its confirmation.
This prompt is displayed if [Y] was pressed in Prompt 4
or 5.
Enter a 4-digit password (0-9, A-F, N, S, T, X, Y).
Re-enter the password as confirmation.
If the password doesn't match the first entry, the
following is displayed followed by the "Exit Prog.
Mode?" prompt:
Otherwise, the "Exit Prog. Mode?"
Verify Not OK
prompt is displayed directly.
PSWD not created
Exits program mode.
Press [N] to go back to Prompt 3.
Press [ESC] to load factory defaults.
Refer to the Exiting Programming Mode topic in this
Press the [Space] key to scroll through the modes of
operation. Press [ENTER] to select ECP mode.



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