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Section 4: Registration; Registering The Module; Register Using The Tamper Switch - Honeywell AlarmNet GSMBR Installation And Setup Manual

Communications module
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Registering the Module

Once you have programmed the communications module, it must be registered to enable the
AlarmNet account. An unregistered module is indicated on the Status Display as: Status lit,
Message slow blinking, and Fault not lit. (See Appendix D.)
Upon completion of the registration process, the status LED goes out and a power on reset
message is transmitted.
You can register by one of the following methods:
You can register the module by clicking the Tamper Switch three times.
You can register the module using the 7720P Programming tool. Simply; Press [Shift]
then press [ ].
You can register the module by logging into AlarmNet Direct and edit the account.
You can register by phone.

Register using the Tamper Switch

Initiate the registration sequence by clicking the Tamper Switch three times.
You can monitor the registration process by viewing the module's Status Display. The
Message (yellow) LED and the Status (green) LED will blink slowly in unison while
registration is in progress.
Once the registration has been completed successfully, the module enters normal operating
mode; the Status (green) LED goes out and the Message (yellow) LED is lit to indicate that
the Power On / Reset message is waiting to be sent. This message will appear at the
receiving station as "E339 C08xx", where "xx" is the ECP device address. The description
may read "Trouble – Exp. Mod. Reset". If registration is not validated within 90 seconds,
the registration process times out, and the (green) LED will be lit (solid).
The Power On / Reset message will be sent in ADEMCO High-Speed format if the module is
programmed for zone trigger, 4204 or 2x4204 modes.
If repeated registration attempts time out, check your Internet connection and RSSI level,
and verify that the module's account information has been entered correctly.



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