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Ecp Status Codes; Exiting Programming Mode - Honeywell GSMVLP4G Installation And Programming Manual

Gsm module with 2-way voice
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ECP Status Codes

The GSMVLP4G sends status messages to the control panel to indicate general failures. The control
will display "FAULT 103" if any of the events listed below should occur. In addition, the Contact ID
codes (listed in Appendix A) for these conditions are sent to the central station by the module.
GSMVLP4G loses communication with control panel.
GSMVLP4G lost contact with AlarmNet.
GSMVLP4G is not registered; account not activated.
GSMVLP4G shutdown.

Exiting Programming Mode

To exit the programming mode, press [N] in response to the "REVIEW?" question. Then press [Y] to the
"Exit Prog Mode?" question. Upon exiting, the message "Checking Root File TX Path" will be displayed,
and the configuration file at the server is updated to log the changes made. When complete, the
message "DONE" is displayed to indicate the file was successfully uploaded.
If critical configuration changes were made, such as the mode of operation, the
GSMVLP4G will reset to ensure that the programming features are enabled.
If the file is not successfully uploaded, one of the following prompts will be displayed. Follow the steps
shown below, until the upload is successful.
Cannot Upload
Try Again? Y/N_
Failed to Update
Root File!
[Y] = review
[N] = exit
GSMVLP4G radio not yet
Network problem, or you
answered "N" to "Cannot Upload
Try Again?" prompt.
– 13 –
Reviewing Programming Mode Entries
To review the programming options (to ensure
that the correct entries have been made), press
[Y]. The programming prompts are displayed
again. Use the up/down arrow keys to scroll
through the program fields without changing
any of the values. If a value requires change,
simply type in the correct value. When the last
field is displayed, the "REVIEW?" prompt
again appears.
To exit the programming mode, press [N]
in response to the "REVIEW?" prompt, and
refer to Exiting Programming Mode paragraph
at the end of this section.
What to do
Wait for RSSI LEDs to be lit.
Press [Y].
Initiate the Force Server Update
command by pressing the [0] key; refer to
the Programmer Keyboard Commands


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