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Pcie3 X8 Cache Sas Raid Internal Adapter 6 Gb (Fc Ej1G; Ccin 57Dc) - IBM 74Y4064 Handbook

Managing pcie adapters for ibm power system l922 9008-22l; ibm power system s922 9009-22a; ibm power system h922 9223-22h; ibm power system s914 9009-41a; ibm power system s924 9009-42a; ibm power system h924 9223-42h; ibm emx0 pcie gen3 i/o expansion dra
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v IBM Power Systems Prerequisites (
v IBM SSIC (System Storage Interoperation Center)(
v The latest version of the device driver or the IBM Power RAID adapter utilities (iprutils) can be
downloaded from the IBM Service and Productivity Tools website (
v For more information on Linux support, see the Linux Alert website(

PCIe3 x8 cache SAS RAID Internal Adapter 6 Gb (FC EJ1G; CCIN 57DC)

Learn about the specifications and operating system requirements for the PCIe3 x8 cache SAS RAID
internal adapter 6 Gb (FC EJ1G) that is integrated with the high-performance Random Array of
Independent Disks (RAID) feature composite storage backplane.
The high-performance PCIe3 x8 cache SAS RAID internal adapter 6 Gb is an internal PCI Express
generation 3 (PCIe3), serial-attached SCSI (SAS) RAID adapter. The adapter is part of a composite feature
of the storage backplane (FC EJ1G) and contains the SAS RAID controller.
The high-performance internal adapter is preinstalled in the dedicated internal PCIe3 x8 slot P1-C49. The
composite storage feature (FC EJ1G) provides the following features:
v A storage backplane (CCIN 2D36) that provides slots for eight 2.5 inches small form-factor (SFF) hard
disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SDDs).
v A PCIe3 cache SAS RAID internal adapter (CCIN 57DC) is installed in the slot P1-C49.
v One mini-SAS HD cable that attaches to the high-performance storage backplane.
v A mini-SAS HD cable with an external SAS port that is installed in the system rear bulkhead in the slot
The PCIe3 x8 cache SAS RAID internal adapter 6 Gb is a single stand-alone adapter that has a data
read/write speed of 6 Gb/s and a real write cache of 1.8 GB. With a 4:1 cache compression, this
high-performance adapter provides an increased cache of 7.2 GB and increases the storage system
performance. With this single cache adapter configuration, there is only one copy of the write cache data.
The write cache contents are protected against power loss with flash memory and super capacitors that
remove the need for cache battery. The super capacitors are part of the backup power module card which
is installed in slot P1-C49-E1.
One mini-SAS HD cable connects the PCIe3 x8 cache SAS RAID internal adapter 6 Gb to the SAS port on
the internal storage backplane. The high-performance internal adapter supports both types of SFF drives
(HDDs and SSDs). The supported RAID configurations include: RAID 0, 5, 6, 10.
This internal adapter also provides a mini-SAS HD connector that attaches to a mini-SAS HD cable and
provides an external SAS port on the other end. The external SAS port is installed in slot P1-C10. The
external SAS port is used to attach a FC ESLS, ESLL, or migrated 5887 drive enclosure by way of a
mini-SAS HD YO cable and must not exceed the maximum supported length of 3 meters. Only one
external SAS drive enclosure is supported and must be in zone mode 1.
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