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IBM 74Y4064 Handbook page 8

Managing pcie adapters for ibm power system l922 9008-22l; ibm power system s922 9009-22a; ibm power system h922 9223-22h; ibm power system s914 9009-41a; ibm power system s924 9009-42a; ibm power system h924 9223-42h; ibm emx0 pcie gen3 i/o expansion dra
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– For racks with AC power, connect all power cords to a properly wired and grounded electrical
outlet. Ensure that the outlet supplies proper voltage and phase rotation according to the system
rating plate.
– For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), connect the customer's DC power source to
the PDP. Ensure that the proper polarity is used when attaching the DC power and DC power
return wiring.
v Connect any equipment that will be attached to this product to properly wired outlets.
v When possible, use one hand only to connect or disconnect signal cables.
v Never turn on any equipment when there is evidence of fire, water, or structural damage.
v Do not attempt to switch on power to the machine until all possible unsafe conditions are corrected.
v Assume that an electrical safety hazard is present. Perform all continuity, grounding, and power checks
specified during the subsystem installation procedures to ensure that the machine meets safety
v Do not continue with the inspection if any unsafe conditions are present.
v Before you open the device covers, unless instructed otherwise in the installation and configuration
procedures: Disconnect the attached AC power cords, turn off the applicable circuit breakers located in
the rack power distribution panel (PDP), and disconnect any telecommunications systems, networks,
and modems.
v Connect and disconnect cables as described in the following procedures when installing, moving, or
opening covers on this product or attached devices.
To Disconnect:
1. Turn off everything (unless instructed otherwise).
2. For AC power, remove the power cords from the outlets.
3. For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), turn off the circuit breakers located in the
PDP and remove the power from the Customer's DC power source.
4. Remove the signal cables from the connectors.
5. Remove all cables from the devices.
To Connect:
1. Turn off everything (unless instructed otherwise).
2. Attach all cables to the devices.
3. Attach the signal cables to the connectors.
4. For AC power, attach the power cords to the outlets.
5. For racks with a DC power distribution panel (PDP), restore the power from the Customer's DC
power source and turn on the circuit breakers located in the PDP.
6. Turn on the devices.
Sharp edges, corners and joints may be present in and around the system. Use care when handling
equipment to avoid cuts, scrapes and pinching. (D005)
(R001 part 1 of 2):
DANGER: Observe the following precautions when working on or around your IT rack system:
v Heavy equipment–personal injury or equipment damage might result if mishandled.
v Always lower the leveling pads on the rack cabinet.
v Always install stabilizer brackets on the rack cabinet.
v To avoid hazardous conditions due to uneven mechanical loading, always install the heaviest devices
in the bottom of the rack cabinet. Always install servers and optional devices starting from the bottom
of the rack cabinet.
v Rack-mounted devices are not to be used as shelves or work spaces. Do not place objects on top of
rack-mounted devices. In addition, do not lean on rack mounted devices and do not use them to
stabilize your body position (for example, when working from a ladder).
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