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Pcie2 4-Port (2X10 Gb Fcoe, 2X1 Gbe) Sfp+ Adapter (Fc El56, Ccin 2B93) - IBM 74Y4064 Handbook

Managing pcie adapters for ibm power system l922 9008-22l; ibm power system s922 9009-22a; ibm power system h922 9223-22h; ibm power system s914 9009-41a; ibm power system s924 9009-42a; ibm power system h924 9223-42h; ibm emx0 pcie gen3 i/o expansion dra
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Operating system or partition requirements
If you are installing a new feature, ensure that you have the software that is required to support the new
feature and that you determine whether any prerequisites must be met for this feature and attaching
devices. To check for operating system and partition requirements, see one of the following links:
v The latest version of enabling libraries and utilities can be downloaded from Fix Central
v IBM Power Systems Prerequisites (
v IBM SSIC (System Storage Interoperation Center)(
v The latest version of the device driver or the IBM Power RAID adapter utilities (iprutils) can be
downloaded from the IBM Service and Productivity Tools website (
v For more information on Linux support, see the Linux Alert website(

PCIe2 4-port (2x10 Gb FCoE, 2x1 GbE) SFP+ Adapter (FC EL56, CCIN 2B93)

Learn about the specifications and operating system requirements for the feature code (FC) EL56
The PCIe2 4-port (2x10 Gb FCoE, 2x1 GbE) SFP+ Adapter (FC EL56, CCIN 2B93) is a PCI Express (PCIe)
generation 3, low-profile capable adapter. The adapter has four-ports and is a Fibre Channel over
Ethernet (FCoE) converged network adapter (CNA). This adapter provides a PCIe 2.0 host bus interface.
The adapter is a high-performance adapter that consolidates traffic for networking and Fibre Channel
storage. The adapter is optimized for cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and other data center
applications. Both FCoE and network interface controller (NIC) functions are available for both FCoE
ports. Use of the FCoE requires that you use convergence enhanced Ethernet (CEE) switches. The link
aggregation and failover features of the adapter make it suitable for critical network applications that
require redundancy and high availability.
Important: There is no FCoE support on POWER9 systems.
The four-port adapter provides two 10 Gb FCoE small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) SR optical ports and
two 1 Gb RJ45 Ethernet ports. The two 10 Gb FCoE ports are connected by little connector-type (LC)
connectors. Each FCoE port provides Ethernet connectivity with a nominal data rate of 10 Gbps (gigabits
per second). Each of the 1 Gb ports provides Ethernet connectivity at a data rate of 1 Gbps and is
connected with Ethernet cables. A 10 Mb data rate is not supported.
Restriction: The 1 Gb Ethernet ports do not support data rates of 10 Mbps (megabits per second).
The adapter provides the following features:
v The adapter is a PCIe2 FCoE or NIC network convergence adapter.
v The 10 Gb SFP+ ports can function in the NIC or FCoE mode.
v The adapter supports the Single Root IO Virtualization (SRIOV) function.
v The adapter can function as a Boot adapter.
Managing PCIe adapters



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