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Auto Recovery; Update Phases; Updating Firmware - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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C - 2
FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide
FalAppXXX.hex (Application, XXX is a filename variable)
FalRConfigXXX.hex (Reader Config, XXX is a filename variable
Refer to the release notes to determine which files were updated; not all of the files are updated in every release. If
updating the partition table, install this file first, otherwise there is no specific order necessary when installing these

Auto Recovery

The Auto Recovery feature allows the reader to recover flash images that are corrupt due to a power outage during
software upgrade. If a firmware upgrade fails (e.g., due to a power outage), on the next reboot the reader retries
the update from the same remote server. If the reader cannot complete the update, a recovery web page appears
when accessing the reader management interface via a web browser. To reattempt upgrade, enter the FTP server
path and credentials.

Update Phases

The firmware update takes place in three phases:
- The reader application retrieves the
Phase 1
from the ftp server.
- The reader application shuts down and the
Phase 2
- The reader resets after all partitions update successfully. It may also update the RFID firmware if it
Phase 3
detects a different version in the platform partition.
A typical entry in the
;Platform partition version 31
-t4 –fFalPlat031.hex –s8680222
NOTE The Application Server, Radio API, and MAC firmware code all reside in the Platform partition.
The recovery console only supports the FTP mode update, and does not support secure FTP (FTP over
TLS explicit) or CAB file update.
parameter is the file type,
" comments out the rest of the line.

Updating Firmware

To update the firmware using the Administrator Console and an FTP server:
Create a folder on a local FTP server and name it:
Download the firmware files from
Ensure that the host computer can ping the readers. If they cannot, consult with the network administrator.
file are retrieved from the FTP server and written to flash.
is the name of the file, and
starts. The files referenced in the
the size. Ensure the file size is correct.
into this folder and unzip the files if they are
, and



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