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Create A Custom Profile - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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4 - 28 FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide
- Select an available profile and click Export to export profile information and save an .XML file onto
the local drive.
- Activates a selected profile. Select an available profiles and click Set Active to load the profile
Set Active
content in the reader.
Swapping profiles between readers using static IP addresses is not recommended. Activating a profile
with a static IP address changes the IP of the reader, and if not done properly can make the reader
Select an available profile and click Delete to delete the profile.
Delete -
NOTE Current Config is a special logical profile that can only be exported to the PC. This cannot be imported,
activated, or deleted. On the profile name indicates that it is the active profile.

Create a Custom Profile

The reader includes a set of provided sample profiles. These can not be changed and a new profile with the same
name cannot be imported. Export, modify, and import these profiles under a new name to create customized
profiles. This keeps the original profiles intact to use as a reference.
To view the contents of a profile, select the profile and click Export to export the profile to the PC hosting the
window. The profile files are in XML format. Open the file using a text editor application (such as
Reader Profiles
Notepad) and edit the parameter to modify the reader configuration. Save the modified file under a new name.
Click Import and browse to the modified file and import the file back into the
modified file to the list of profiles. The reader does not perform any checking when importing the file.
To validate the profile file contents, and to activate the modified profile, select the profile and click Set Active. The
reader performs checking on some of the parameter values and notifies the user if it detects an error.
window. This adds the
Reader Profile



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