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System Time Management - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

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System Time Management

to view the
Date Time
specify an NTP synchronization server. To specify an NTP server, enter the NTP Server IP address in the
box, and click Set NTP Server Address. Perform a
Server Address
To adjust the time manually, select the value for the local time and click the Set Date and Time. The reader clock
resets to the exact value provided (if the operation is successful or, an appropriate message displays the error). Set
time zones (including use of Daylight Savings) from this window. The date/time and time zone changes take effect
immediately and do not require a
To set the date and time:
Date Time
System Time Management Window
Figure 4-24
To synchronize the clock with a particular SNTP server, enter the server IP address in the
field, click Set SNTP Parameters, and perform a
NOTE SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) is an Internet standard protocol (built on TCP/IP) that assures
accurate synchronization to the millisecond of computer clock times in a network of computers.
It is essential to have a DNS server configured to allow adding an SNTP server on this window. If using a
static IP address, enter a valid DNS server address in the TCP/IP configuration. If this address is not
present, the reader can not add an SNTP server address from this window. Ensure the DHCP server sets
up the DNS server address while issuing the IP address.
To set the system time manually, use the drop-down lists to select units of time, then click Set Date and Time.
Use the
Time Zone:
System Time Management
in the
Administrator Console
drop-down list to set the time zone, then click Set Time Zone.
window. Use this window to set the date and time value or to
window. The
System Time Management
Administrator Console 4 - 25
to apply the change.
window appears.
SNTP Server
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