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Configure Region - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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4 - 16 FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide

Configure Region

Different countries have different RF regulatory requirements. To assure regulatory compliance, select
set the reader for specific regulatory requirements in the country of reader operation using the
window. The choices on the window are limited to the selections compatible with the reader.
NOTE Region configuration is not required for readers configured to operate in the United States region (under
FCC rules).
Configure Region Settings Window
Figure 4-17
Region of Operation
countries which have regulatory approval to use with the current board.
Communication Standard
supports. If a region supports only one standard, it is automatically selected.
Frequency Hopping
operation supports this.
Selected Channels
option appears only if the chosen region of operation supports this.
Listen before Talk
of operation supports this.
Please confirm
Set Properties
regulatory requirements by checking the
These settings only affect the display. Use
- Sets the country of operation. Select this from the drop-down list which includes
- Sets the communication standard from the list of standards chosen region
- Check to select frequency hopping. This option appears only if the chosen region of
- Sets a subset of channels on which to operate (from the list of supported channels). This
- Check to select the listen before talk option. This option appears only if the chosen region
- Check the
check box.
I understand
- Sends the changes to the reader. Confirm that the choices are in compliance with local
Commit/Revert on page 4-32
check box.
I understand
to save the changes.
Configure Region



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