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Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual page 77

Rfid readers
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Troubleshooting (Continued)
Table 6-1
Not a legal IP address
( -
Cannot reach the specified IP
The SNMP Host Link is not valid.
Invalid network mask.
Invalid SNMP version number.
Invalid description.
Invalid password.
Name has already been used.
Serial number has already been
IP address has already been used.
Select an item from the list.
Last command is still pending. Try
again later.
Another administrator is currently
logged in. Try again later.
Backup configuration file does not
Failed to confirm the new password. The system requires
Network configuration change(s)
have not been saved.
Possible Causes
The IP address entered is
either formatted inaccurately
or cannot be accessed
The network mask entered
is not formatted correctly.
The version number for
SNMP protocol is not a
supported version.
The description contained
invalid characters (<,>,or').
The password does not
match the current user
registry (illegal characters,
too long, or too short.)
User forgot the password.
The name, serial number, or
IP address entered already
exists in the system.
The system requires
selecting an item from the
list box before continuing.
The system did not finish
processing the previous
The system does not allow
more than one administrator
to log in at a time.
The system cannot revert to
a backup configuration
unless a backup file exists.
entering the password
identically two times.
The user requested log out
prior to committing/reverting
the changes made during
the session.
Possible Solutions
Accurately retype the IP address, and make sure
the host device is connected and online. If this is
not successful, see
Service Information on page
Confirm the correct network mask from the
network administrator and enter it correctly.
Use version number 1 for SNMP version 1, and 2
for SNMP version 2c.
Correct the description.
Accurately retype the password.
Service Information on page
Enter a unique value for the new name, serial
number, or IP address.
Select an item from the list box, and then continue.
Wait a few moments for the previous command to
complete before sending another command.
Wait until the other administrator logs out (or times
out) before logging in.
Commit the new configuration to create a backup
Accurately retype the password twice.
Select one of the
6 - 3



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