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Usb Connection; Powering The Reader; Powering The Reader Via Ac Power Supply - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide
To connect to a network that is not POE capable:
Terminate the Ethernet cable according to
Connect the Ethernet cable to the FX Series reader 10/100BaseT Ethernet port. See
Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a POE power injector.
Connect a patch cable from the POE power injector to the host system LAN port.
Verify that the unit booted properly and is operational.
On a networked computer, open an internet browser and connect to the reader. See
Log in to the
Administrator Console

USB Connection

The USB port enables ActiveSync on the USB client port by default. Use the USB port for development using
Visual Studio, and use a remote display tool to access the Windows CE graphical interface.
Advanced users can disable and enable ActiveSync via a registry change in Windows CE, and can create a
custom communication protocol on the USB port.
NOTE The initial release does not expose RFID tag data over the USB client port. Subsequent releases may
change the USB default support. The software release notes will announce USB support in the future.

Powering the Reader


Powering the Reader via AC Power Supply

The Motorola approved AC power supply connects to the power port on the FX Series reader using a locking
connector (see
Figure 2-4 on page
120V 60 Hz (North America)
230V 50 Hz (International excluding Japan)
100V 50/60 Hz (Japan).
Insert the power supply barrel connector into the reader power port (see
connector to lock it in place.
Apply power to the power supply. The green Power LED stays on to indicate the reader is powered and ready.
System Start-up/Boot LED Sequence on page
To power down the reader, unplug the power supply from its power source. The green Power LED turns off to
indicate that the device is off and the system is not operational. Remove the connector from the reader power port.
. See
Connect the antennas before supplying power to the reader.
For Mounting in Environmental Air Handling Space (EAHS): Do not install Power Supplies and
PoE (Power Injector) in the EAHS unless they are suitable for use in EAHS as per UL 2043.
2-5). The power supply is compatible with:
Table A-2 on page
SeeSystem Start-up/Boot LED Sequence on page
Administrator Console Login on page
Figure 2-4 on page
Connect to the Reader on
Figure 2-4 on page
2-5). Rotate the



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