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Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual page 76

Rfid readers
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6 - 2
FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide
Troubleshooting (Continued)
Table 6-1
Certain real time applications are no
longer functional.
Cannot log into
Unable to add SNTP server, reader
returning error.
Operation failed.
Invalid User Name and/or
Password - Try again.
Session has Timed-out - Log in
User name is not correct.
The user name has already been
Possible Causes
The node address, IP
address, or other reader
configuration parameter(s)
were changed using the
, and
Administrator Console
the application expects the
previous configuration.
The user closed the browser
without logging out of the
, so
Administrator Console
other applications cannot
connect to the reader.
The user forgot the
SNTP server is not
SNTP server name is not
resolvable via DNS server.
DNS server is not
A user operation did not
complete, typically due to
invalid input.
The user name and/or
password were not found in
the system, or do not match
the current user registry.
The current session was
inactive beyond the time-out
period, so the system
automatically logged out.
The user name does not
match the current user
registry (illegal characters,
too long, too short,
unknown, or duplicate.)
User forgot the user ID.
The user name is duplicated
when adding a new user to
the user registry.
Possible Solutions
Update the settings within the application. Refer to
the application manual.
Log out of the
Administrator Console
Press and hold the reset button for more than 5
seconds. This resets the reader configuration to
factory defaults, including the password.
Ensure the SNTP server is accessible.
Ensure the DNS server name is configured in
TCP/IP configuration.
Ensure the DNS server is accessible.
Validate all inputs and retry the operation. If it is
not successful, see
Service Information on page
Accurately retype login information. If this is not
successful, see
Service Information on page
Log in again. As a security precaution to protect
against unauthorized system access, always log
out of the system when finished.
Accurately retype the user name.
Service Information on page
Enter a new user name.



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