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Firmware Version/Update; Ftp / Ftps Server - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

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Firmware Version/Update

Firmware Version/Update
From the
Administrator Console
The firmware version information window displays:
- The current hardware version.
Reader Application
- The current operating system build version.
- The current MAC (radio) firmware version.
- The current monitor utility version.
- The current radio API version.
Radio API
NOTE The full version number includes a build number which does not appear on the Firmware
Version/Update window. To retrieve the full number, type http://ip.ip.ip.ip/Version.html in the browser,
where ip.ip.ip.ip denotes the reader IP or host name.
The reader supports two different methods of updating the firmware:

FTP / FTPS Server

File Upload on page 4-31
Select either the FTP / FTPS Server radio button or the Firmware Upload radio button to select the appropriate
firmware update method.
Either method shows the current firmware update progress on the same window. After upgrading the necessary
partitions the reader reboots with a message
FTP / FTPS Server
NOTE For more detail on upgrading using an FTP / FTPS server, see
FTP / FTPS Server
names of the partitions to update, and the partitions. Use an IP address or domain name in this link,
beginning with ftp:// (or ftps://).
- Required for appropriate access to the FTP / FTPS server.
User Name
User Password
Update All Partitions
This option is NOT recommended because updating all partitions increases update time and resets all
configurations including user logins. Power disruption during update can cause the reader to fail.
Start Update
Response.txt file are downloaded, validated, and programmed into flash. The reader reboots. If files are not
downloaded or are corrupted during the download, they are not programmed into flash and the old partitions
remain. The PWR LED blinks red during the upgrade. If the upgrade fails, the STAT LED turns red. If the
upgrade succeeds, the reader resets and the PWR LED eventually turns solid green.
window displays the current firmware version and allows upgrading to new firmware.
, click
- The current reader application software version.
- Identifies the location of the current software updates, the response file that contains the
- Password for the above FTP / FTPS
- Check to force the update of all reader partitions. This increases firmware update time.
- Click to start the update. The reader application shuts down and the files listed in the
to indicate that the firmware upgrade completed.
User Name
Administrator Console 4 - 29
Appendix C, FTP Firmware



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