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Mounting And Removing The Reader; Mounting Tips; Mounting Using The Mounting Plate - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide

Mounting and Removing the Reader

! When installing the antenna ensure a minimum separation distance of 9.1 in (23 cm)

Mounting Tips

Mount the reader in any orientation. Consider the following before selecting a location for the FX Series reader:
Mount the reader indoors, in operating range and out of direct sunlight, high moisture, and/or extreme
Mount the reader in an area free from electromagnetic interference. Sources of interference include
generators, pumps, converters, non-interruptible power supplies, AC switching relays, light dimmers, and
computer CRT terminals.
Mount the reader within 15 feet of the antennas.
Ensure that power can reach the reader.
The recommended minimum horizontal mounting surface width is 7 1/2 inches. However, the unit can mount
on surfaces as narrow as 6 inches (in locations where unit overhang is not an issue). For vertical mounting
the unit can mount on a surface as small as 6 inches by 6 inches.
Mount the reader onto a permanent fixture, such as a wall or a shelf, where it is not disturbed, bumped, or
damaged. The recommended minimum clearance on all sides of the reader is five inches.
Use a level for precise vertical or horizontal mounting.

Mounting Using the Mounting Plate

Position the mounting plate on a flat surface (wall or shelf). Position the release tab on the top. See
Mark the hole locations using the mounting plate as a guide. See
drill holes (appropriate for the surface material) at the marked locations.
NOTE For wood surfaces, drill two 1/8" diameter by 7/8" deep holes. For drywall/masonry surfaces, drill two
3/16" diameter by 7/8" deep (min) holes and install using the provided anchors.
between the antennas and all persons
For Mounting in Environmental Air Handling Space (EAHS): Do not install the Mounting
Bracket in the EAHS.
3-1. Remove the mounting plate and



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