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Reader Profiles - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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Reader Profiles

in the selection menu to view the
reader and allows performing profile-related operations. Profiles are useful for multiple reader deployments. To
configure the readers, manually download the proper configuration file, or use APIs to programmatically configure
many readers quickly. This procedure saves configuration time because only a few APIs are needed to configure a
reader completely.
NOTE Enable JVM 1.6 support on the browser in order for this window to function properly. See
Java Upgrade
Reader Profiles
configuration files, or profiles, that a user can re-use and/or modify depending on their specific reader application
or use case. The profiles serve as configuration examples.
Reader Profiles Window
Figure 4-26
Reader Profiles
Available Profiles in the Reader
- Click to open a file dialog and pick a profile (XML file) from the local PC and import it into the reader.
window uses an applet to connect to the reader. The window displays a set of provided
window functions are:
- Displays the available reader profiles.
window, which shows the current profiles on the
Reader Profiles
Administrator Console 4 - 27
Appendix D,



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