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Administrator Console Login; First Time / Start-Up Login - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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4 - 8
FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide

Administrator Console Login

Use a web browser on a local computer to access the
Readers on page 4-2
requires the installer to set a unique user ID and password and to set the region (regulatory requirement).
NOTE The recommended browsers are IE6, IE7, IE8, and Mozilla 3. These browsers have been tested and
validated to work properly. Other browsers may or may not work properly.

First Time / Start-Up Login

When starting the reader for the first time, set a unique user ID and password and set the region of reader
operation. Setting the reader to a different region is illegal.
Log In with Default User ID and Password
Connect to the reader with a web browser. See
User Login Window
Figure 4-7
for the install/setup sequence. The reader has a unique first time startup sequence that
. See
Administrator Console
Connect to the Reader on page
Managing the FX Series RFID
4-3. The
User Login



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