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File Upload - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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File Upload

to browse to and choose a cab file containing the incremental updates for the reader partitions.
Start Update
down and the files specified in the cab file are downloaded, validated, and programmed into flash. The reader
reboots. If all the files are not downloaded or are corrupted during the download, they are not programmed
into flash, and the old partitions remain. The PWR LED blinks red during the upgrade. If the upgrade fails, the
STAT LED turns red. If the upgrade succeeds, the reader resets and the PWR LED eventually turns solid
All partition download and flash programming takes about 15 minutes, depending on network load conditions.
Typical file uploads are much less than 15 minutes since they deal with only one or a few partitions. Do not reboot
or power off the reader while the green LED is blinking.
File Based Firmware Update Window
Figure 4-28
to load the firmware and write the new files onto the flash. The reader application shuts
Administrator Console 4 - 31



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