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Connect To The Reader; Host Name Connect - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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Connect to the Reader

NOTE This section describes procedures in a Windows environment.
When the reader is powered up, connect to the network in one of two ways:
Host Name Connect on page 4-3
IP Address Connect on page 4-4
There are three ways to assign an IP address to the reader:
Using DHCP on the network
APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) on page 4-4
Statically assign an IP
Any method of assigning the IP supports connection using hostname or IP address. Alternatively, connect the
reader directly to a local computer using Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA). See
IP Addressing) on page
NOTE When using APIPA, the FX Series reader cannot communicate with computers on different subnets, or
with computers that do not use automatic private IP addressing.

Host Name Connect

The product CD label provides the host name. Connect the reader to the local network and boot it up. See
Start-up/Boot LED Sequence on page
Open a browser. Recommended browsers are IE6, IE7, IE8, or Mozilla 3.
Enter the host name provided on the CD label in the browser (e.g., http://fx7400cd3b0d) and press
Console Login
Proceed to
Administrator Console Login on page 4-8
NOTE Connect the reader to a network that supports host name registration and lookup to ensure the network
can access the reader using the host name. For instance, some networks can register hostnames
through DHCP. When first connecting to the reader, it is recommended to keep DHCP enabled, although
it is not guaranteed that hostname will work in this case. Use the host name provided on the CD label, or
construct it using the reader MAC address on the reader back label. The host name is a string with prefix
FX7400, followed by the last three MAC address octets. For example, for a MAC address of
00:15:70:CD:3B:0D, use the prefix FX7400, followed by the last three MAC address octets (CD, 3B, and
0D), so the host name is FX7400CD3B0D. Type http://FX7400CD3B0D in the browser address bar to
access the reader.
For a network that does not support host name registration and lookup, use the Showcase II auto
discovery feature to get the IP address, and use the IP address connect method.
3-7. The green power LED indicates that the reader is ready.
window appears and the reader is ready.
Administrator Console
to log in to the reader.
4 - 3
APIPA (Automatic Private



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