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Versions And Kits; Fx Series Rfid Reader - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide
The reader provides a wide range of features that enable implementation of complete, high-performance,
intelligent RFID solutions.
The FX Series RFID reader configurations include either two or four monostatic antenna ports. The monostatic
ports are used only with monostatic antennas.

Versions and Kits

The FX Series RFID readers are available in either a 2-port or a 4-port version, individually (reader and mounting
bracket) or in a kit that includes the reader, the mounting bracket, an antenna and a power supply. For detailed kit
information, see
FX7400 Kits on page

FX Series RFID Reader

FX Series RFID Reader
Figure 2-3
For Mounting in Environmental Air Handling Space (EAHS): Do not install the Mounting
Bracket, Antenna, Cables, PSU and PoE (Power Injector) in the EAHS unless they are suitable
for use in EAHS per UL 2043.
Antenna Ports (Reverse TNC)
Rear Panel



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