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Rfid Components - Motorola FX7400-22350A30-US Integrator Manual

Rfid readers
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FX Series RFID Readers Integrator Guide

RFID Components

Motorola RFID solutions offer low cost, long read range, and a high read rate. These features provide real time,
end-to-end visibility of products and assets in the factory, distribution center, retail outlet, or other facility. A typical
Motorola RFID system consists of the following components:
Silicon based RFID tags that attach to retail products, vehicles, trailers, containers, pallets, boxes, etc.
Different antenna types to support applications such as dock door (area antennas), conveyor.
Readers power and communicate with the tags for data capture and provide host connectivity for data
Tags contain embedded chips that store unique information. Available in various shapes and sizes, tags, often
two power options:
Active Tags: typically powered by light-weight batteries and have limited life.
Passive Tags: the RFID reader generates an RF field that powers the tag. Passive tags are much lighter, less
expensive, and have a much longer life than active tags.
Antennas transmit and receive radio frequency signals. A
Readers communicate with the tags and can transfer the data to a host computer. Readers also provide features
such as filtering, CRC check, and tag writing. The FX Series readers read Gen2 (dense reader mode) RFID tags.
, receive and respond to data requests. Tags require power to send data, and are available with
is the RF range of an antenna.
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