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Automatic Reset (Control Panel: Menu Par  P13) - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual


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10.12 Automatic reset
(Control panel: Menu PAR
Activate the Automatic reset after fault with this parameter.
Automatic reset is allowed for certain faults only.
1. Under voltage
2. Over voltage
3. Over current
4. Motor over temperature
5. Under load
Trial time
The Automatic restart function restarts the frequency converter when the
faults have disappeared and the waiting time has elapsed.
The time count starts from the first auto reset. If the number of faults oc-
curring during the trial time exceeds trail number (the value of P13.4), the
fault state becomes active. Otherwise the fault is cleared after the trial time
has elapsed and the next fault starts the trial time count again. See figure in
the right side.
If a single fault remains during the trial time, a fault state is true.
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
RESET / Fault reset
Fig. 65. Example of Automatic restarts with two restarts
Wait time
Par. 13.2
Fault trigger
Motor stop signal
Motor start signal
Fault active
Autoreset function: (Trials = 2)
Wait time
Wait time
Par. 13.2
Par. 13.2
Restart 1
Restart 2
Trial time
Par. 13.3

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents