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Start / Stop Setup (Control Panel: Menu Par  P2) - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual


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10.2 Start / stop setup
(Control panel: Menu PAR
Remote control place selection
With this parameter, the user can select the active control place, frequency
converter can be selected with P3.3/P3.12. The selections are:
0 = I/O terminal
1 = Fieldbus
2 = Keypad
You can select control place by pressing Loc/Rem button or with
par. 2.5(Local / Remote), P2.1 will have no effect in local mode.
Local = Keyp ad is the control place
Remote=Control place determined by P2.1
Start function
The user can select two start functions for HVAC232/402 with this param-
0 = Ramp start
The frequency converter starts from 0 Hz and accelerates to the set frequency
reference within the set acceleration time (See detailed description: ID103). (Load
inertia, torque or starting friction may cause prolonged acceleration times).
1 = Flying start
The frequency converter is able to start into a running motor by applying small
current pulses to motor and searching for the frequency corresponding to the
speed the motor is running at. Searching starts from the maximum frequency
towards the actual frequency until the correct value is detected. Thereafter, the
output frequency will be increased/decreased to the set reference value accord-
ing to the set acceleration/deceleration parameters.
Use this mode if the motor is coasting when the start command is given.
With the flying start it is possible to start the motor from actual speed with-
out forcing the speed to zero before ramping to reference.
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
Stop function
Two stop functions can be selected in this application:
I/O start stop logic
Values 0...4 offer possibilities to control the starting and stopping of the AC
drive with digital signal connected to digital inputs. CS = Control signal.
The selections including the text 'edge' shall be used to exclude the possi-
bility of an unintentional start when, for example, power is connected, re-
connected after a power failure, after a fault reset, after the drive is stopped
by Run Enable (Run Enable = False) or when the control place is changed to
I/O control. The Start / Stop contact must be opened before the motor can
be started.
I/O stop logic uses accurate stop mode. Accurate stop mode is that the stop
time is fixed from falling edge of DI to power stopping the drive.
0 = Coasting
The motor coasts to a halt without control from the frequency converter after the
Stop command.
1 = Ramping
After the Stop command, the speed of the motor is decelerated according to the
set deceleration parameters.
If the regenerated energy is high it maybe necessary to use an external braking
resistor for to be able to decelerate the motor in acceptable time.
Table 40.
Selection name
The functions take place when the
contacts are closed.

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