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Warnings - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual


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The components of the power unit of the frequency converter
are live when HVAC232/402 is connected to mains. Coming
into contact with this voltage is extremely dangerous and may
cause death or severe injury. The control unit is isolated from
the mains potential.
The motor terminals U, V, W (T1, T2, T3) and the possible brake
resistor terminals / + are live when HVAC232/402 is connected
to mains, even if the motor is not running.
The control I/O-terminals are isolated from the mains
potential. However, the relay output terminals may have a
dangerous control voltage present even when HVAC232/402
is disconnected from mains.
The earth leakage current of HVAC232/402 frequency
converters exceeds 3.5 mA AC. According to standard
EN61800- 5-1, a reinforced protective ground connection
must be ensured.
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
If the frequency converter is used as a part of a machine,
the machine manufacturer is responsible for providing the
machine with a main switch (EN 60204-1).
If HVAC232/402 is disconnected from mains while running the
motor, it remains live if the motor is energized by the process.
In this case the motor functions as a generator feeding energy
to the frequency converter.
After disconnecting the frequency converter from the mains,
wait until the fan stops and the indicators on the display
go out. Wait 5 more minutes before doing any work on
HVAC232/402 connections.
The motor can start automatically after a fault situation, if the
autoreset function has been activated.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents