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Fault Tracing - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual


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When a fatal fault is detected by the frequency converter control electron-
ics, the drive will stop and the symbol FT and the fault code blinked on the
display are in the following format, e.g.:
FT 2
Fault code (02 = overvoltage)
Fault code
Fault name
Earth fault
System fault
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
Table 11. Fault codes
Possible cause
Frequency converter has detected too high a current
(>4*IN) in the motor cable:
• sudden heavy load increase
• short circuit in motor cables
• unsuitable motor
The DC-link voltage has exceeded the internal safety
• deceleration time is too short
• high overvoltage peaks in mains
Current measurement has detected extra leakage
current at start:
• insulation failure in cables or motor
• component failure
• faulty operation
The active fault can be reset by pressing BACK/RESET button when the
API is in active fault menu level (FT XX), or pressing BACK/RESET button
with long time (> 2 s) when the API is in active fault submenu level (F5.x), or
via the I/O terminal or field bus. Reset fault history (long push > 5 s), when
the API is in fault history submenu level (F6.x). The faults with subcode and
time labels are stored in the Fault history submenu which can be browsed.
The different fault codes, their causes and correcting actions are presented
in the table below.
Correcting actions
Check loading.
Check cables.
Check motor size.
Increase the deceleration time
(„Deceleration time 1" on page 33 or „Table 25. Ramps
and brakes setup." on page 33).
Check motor cables and motor
Reset the fault and restart.
If the fault re-occurs, contact the distributor near to
NOTE! If fault F8 occurs, find out the subcode of the
fault from the Fault History menu under Id xxx

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents