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Stripping Lengths Of Motor And Mains Cables - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual


Table of Contents
General cabling rules
Before starting the installation, check that none of the components
of the frequency converter is live.
Place the motor cables sufficiently far from other cables:
• Avoid placing the motor cables in long parallel lines with other
• If the motor cable runs in parallel with other cables, the minimum
distance between the motor cable and other cables is 1 ft. (0.3 m)
• The given distance also applies between the motor cables and sig-
nal cables of other systems.
• The maximum length of the motor cables for MI1-3 is 98 ft. (30 m).
For MI4 & 5, maximum length is 164 ft. (50 m), if use longer cable,
current accuracy will be decreased.
• The motor cables should cross other cables at an angle of 90 de-
If cable insulation checks are needed, see Chapter „3.11 Cable and
motor insulation checks" on page 32.
Connecting the cables:
• Strip the motor and mains cables as advised in Figure „Fig. 34.
Stripping of cables" on page 31.
• Connect the mains, motor and control cables into their respective
terminals, see Figures 3.16 to 3.29 and see Chapter „6.2
trol I/O" on page 42.
• Note the tightening torques of power cables and control cables
given in Chapter „Power cabling" on page 23 and „Control Ca-
bling" on page 24.
• For information on cable installation see Chapter „3.10 Cable in-
stallation" on page 32.
• Make sure that the control cable wires do not come in contact with
the electronic components of the unit.
• Check the connection of the earth cable to the motor and the fre-
quency converter terminals marked with
• Connect the separate shield of the motor cable to the earth plate
of the frequency converter, motor and the supply centre.
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
Stripping lengths of motor and mains
Earth conductor
8 mm
35 mm
Fig. 34. Stripping of cables
Strip also the plastic cover of the cables for 360 degree earthing.
See Figures „Fig. 20. HVAC232/402
power connections, MI1" on page 23, „Fig. 21. HVAC232/402
power connections, MI2 - MI3" on page 23 and „Fig. 24.
Mount the PE-plate and API cable support,
MI1 - MI3" on page 24.
See Chapter „6.2
Control I/O" on page 42.
8 mm
20 mm

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents