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System Parameter - Honeywell HVAC232 Series Applications Manual

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10.16 System parameter

HVAC232/402 API provides password function that is used when changing
parameter value.
Inside PAR or SYS menu the selected parameter symbol and its value are
alternating in the display. The single OK button pressing causes entering to
the parameter value change mode.
If password protection is ON, user is asked to enter the right password
(defined with parameter P4.3) and press OK button before editing value is
possible. The password consists of four digit numbers, factory default value
is 0000 = Password Disabled. Editing of all the parameters (including Sys-
tem parameters) is prohibited if the correct password has not been entered.
If wrong password is entered, pressing OK button causes return to the main
Password parameters:
HVAC232/402 API has one password parameter P4.3 "Password";
Parameter P4.3 is a 4 digit number. Factory default will be 0000 = Password
Any other value than 0000 will enable the password and it is not possible to
change parameters. In this status all parameters are visible;
When navigate to Parameter P4.3, show "PPPP" as a parameter value if
password has been set.
Application manual HVAC232/402 | Document 27-652 | Issue ENG06 | 2019-08-07
Activating a password:
Navigate to Parameter P4.3; Press OK button;
Cursor(lowest horizontal segment) of the very left digit flashes;
Select first digit of password by using UP and DOWN key;
Press RIGHT button;
Cursor of the second digit flashes;
Select second digit of password by using UP and DOWN key;
Press RIGHT button;
Cursor of the third digit flashes;
Select third digit of password by using UP and DOWN key;
Press RIGHT button;
Cursor of the fourth digit flashes;
Select fourth digit by using UP and DOWN key;
Press OK button  the cursor of the first digit flashes;
Repeat insertion of password;
Press OK button  password is locked;
In case of different values for the two passwords: display Fault;
Press OK button  repeat password a second time;
To interrupt insertion of Password  Press BACK/RES.
Disabling a password:
Insert the actual password  Press OK  Password is automatically set to 0000;
All parameters can then freely be changed;
To enable password again  see 'Activating a password' procedure.



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