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Honeywell SmartVFD COMPACT User Manual

Hvfdcd1b0003 series; hvfdcd1b0005 series; hvfdcd1b0007 series; hvfdcd1b0010 series; hvfdcd1b0015 series; hvfdcd1b0020 series; hvfdcd1b0030 series; hvfdcd3c0005 series; hvfdcd3c0007 series; hvfdcd3c0010 series; hvfdcd3c0015 series; hvfdcd3c0020.
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User Manual
Variable Frequency Drives
for Constant and Variable
Torque Applications


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  • Page 1

    Honeywell Honeywell User Manual SmartVFD COMPACT Variable Frequency Drives for Constant and Variable Torque Applications 62-0312—02 62-0312-01...

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Honeywell User’s Manual Index 1. SAFETY ..................3 1.1 Warnings ................3 1.2 Safety instructions ..............5 1.3 Grounding and Ground fault protection .........5 1.4 Before running the motor ............6 2. RECEIPT OF DELIVERY ...............7 2.1 Type designation code ............7 2.2 Storage ..................8 2.3 Maintenance ................8...

  • Page 4

    Honeywell 8.2 Display ...................33 8.3 Keypad ..................34 8.4 Navigation on the Compact control panel ......35 8.4.1 Main menu ..............35 8.4.2 Reference menu ............36 8.4.3 Monitoring menu ............37 8.4.4 Parameter menu ............39 8.4.5 Fault history menu ............40 9. GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION PARAMETERS ....41 9.1 Quick setup parameters (Virtual menu, shows when par.

  • Page 5: Safety

    Safety Honeywell 1. SAFETY ONLY A COMPETENT ELECTRICIAN IS ALLOWED TO CARRY OUT THE ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION! This manual contains clearly marked cautions and warnings which are intended for your personal safety and to avoid any unintentional damage to the product or con- nected appliances.

  • Page 6

    Safety Honeywell If the VFD is disconnected from mains while running the motor, it remains live if the motor is energized by the proc- ess. In this case the motor functions as a generator feeding energy to the frequency converter.

  • Page 7: Safety Instructions

    Safety Honeywell 1.2 SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS The variable frequency drive has been designed for fixed installations only. Do not perform any measurements when the frequency converter is connected to the mains. Do not perform any voltage withstand tests on any part of the VFD.

  • Page 8: Before Running The Motor

    Safety Honeywell 1.4 BEFORE RUNNING THE MOTOR Checklist: Before starting the motor, check that the motor is mounted properly and ensure that the machine connected to the motor allows the motor to be started. Set the maximum motor speed (frequency) according to the motor and the machine connected to it.

  • Page 9: Receipt Of Delivery

    Receipt of Delivery Honeywell 2. RECEIPT OF DELIVERY After unpacking the product, check that no signs of transport damages are to be found on the product and that the delivery is complete (compare the type designation of the product to the code below).

  • Page 10: Storage

    Variable frequency drive devices (VFD) and accessories: new products for thiry-six (36) months and factory refurbished drives for twelve (12) months from date of in- stallation when start-up and commissioning is performed by Honeywell VFD Author- ized and trained personnel. All VFD warranty return products must have priorauthorization (Form No.

  • Page 11: Technical Data

    230V : Complies with EMC category C2 (Honey- well level H); With an internal RFI filter 400V: Complies with EMC category C2 (Honey- well level H): With an internal RFI filter Both: No EMC emission protection (Honeywell level N): Without RFI filter For EMC: EN61800-3, Standards...

  • Page 12: Power Ratings

    Technical Data Honeywell 3.2 POWER RATINGS 3.2.1 Mains voltage 208 - 240 V Mains voltage 208-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1~ series Product code Rated loadability Motor Nominal Mechanical shaft input size and power current weight (lb) 100% contin. 150% overload...

  • Page 13: Installation

    Installation Honeywell 4. INSTALLATION 4.1 MECHANICAL INSTALLATION There are two possible ways to mount the Compact VFD to the wall - either screw or DIN-rail mounting. The mounting dimensions are given on the back of the drive and on the following page.

  • Page 14: 1compact Dimensions

    Installation Honeywell 4.1.1 Dimensions Honeywell Figure 4.3: Dimensions, MI1-MI3 Type 10.3 Table 4.1 : Dimensions in inches 62-0312—02...

  • Page 15: Cooling

    Installation Honeywell 4.1.2 Cooling Forced air flow cooling is used in all Compact VFDs. Enough free space must be left above and below the frequency converter to ensure sufficient air circulation and cooling. The required dimensions for free space are giv-...

  • Page 16: Changing The Emc Protection Class From H Or L To T

    Installation Honeywell Category C4: The drives of this class do not provide EMC emission protection. These kinds of drives are mounted in enclosures. NOTE: An external EMC filter is usually required to fulfil the EMC emission requirements. Category C4 for IT networks: Frequency converters of this class fulfil the product standard EN 61800-3 (2004) if intended to be used in IT systems.

  • Page 17: Cabling And Connections

    Installation Honeywell 4.2 CABLING AND CONNECTIONS 4.2.1 Power cabling Note! Tightening torque for power cables is 4 - 5 in-lbs. 3~ (400V) Motor out 1~ (230V) Strip the plastic cable coating for grounding 360° MOTOR MAINS Figure 4.4: Power connections, MI1...

  • Page 18: Control Cabling

    Installation Honeywell 4.2.2 Control cabling Attach the support AFTER installing the power cables Attach this plate BEFORE installing the power cables Honeywell Figure 4.6: Mount the PE- plate and API cable support 62-0312—02...

  • Page 19

    Installation Honeywell Figure 4.7: Open the cover Control cable tightening torque: 3 in-lbs Strip the plastic cable coating for 360° grounding Figure 4.8: Install the control cables. See Chapter 7.2 62-0312—02...

  • Page 20: Cable And Fuse Specifications

    Installation Honeywell 4.2.3 Cable and fuse specifications Use cables with heat resistance of at least 158 °F (+70 °C). The cables and the fuses must be sized according to the tables below. Installation of cables according to UL regulations is presented in Chapter 4.2.6.

  • Page 21: General Cabling Rules

    Installation Honeywell Terminal cable size (min/max) Mains Fuse Frame Type cable Main Ground Control Relay terminal terminal terminal terminal Cu [AWG] [AWG] [AWG] [AWG] [AWG] P37 - 1P1 1,9-3,3 3*15+15 15-11 15-11 20-15 20-15 1P5 - 2P2 4,3-5,6 3*15+15 15-11...

  • Page 22: Stripping Lengths Of Motor And Mains Cables

    Installation Honeywell 4.2.5 Stripping lengths of motor and mains cables Ground conductor 0.3 in 0.3 in 1.4 in 0.8 in Figure 4.9: Stripping of cables Note! Strip also the plastic cover of the cables for 360 degree grounding. See Fig- ures 4.4, 4.5 and 4.8.

  • Page 23

    Installation Honeywell Disconnect the motor cable from the motor and open the bridging connections in the motor connection box. Measure the insulation resistance of each motor winding. The measurement voltage must equal at least the motor nominal voltage but not exceed 1000 V.

  • Page 24

    Installation Honeywell 62-0312—02...

  • Page 25: Commissioning

    Commissioning Honeywell 5. COMMISSIONING Before commissioning, note the warnings and instructions listed in Chapter 1! 5.1 COMMISSIONING STEPS Read carefully the safety instructions in Chapter 1 and follow them. After the installation, make sure that: • both the frequency converter and the motor are grounded •...

  • Page 26

    Commissioning Honeywell Perform test run without motor. Perform either Test A or Test B: A) Control from the I/O terminals: • Turn the Start/Stop switch to ON position. • Change the frequency reference (potentiometer) • Check in the Monitoring Menu that the value of Output frequency changes according to the change of frequency reference.

  • Page 27: Fault Tracing

    Fault Tracing Honeywell 6. FAULT TRACING Note: The fault codes listed in this chapter are visible if the Application Interface has a display, like e.g. in API FULL or API LIMITED or if a personal computer has been connected to the drive...

  • Page 28

    Fault Tracing Honeywell Fault Fault name Possible cause Correcting actions code Reset the fault and restart. • component failure System fault Should the fault re-occur, • faulty operation contact the distributor near to you The DC-link voltage has In case of temporary sup-...

  • Page 29

    Fault Tracing Honeywell Fault Fault name Possible cause Correcting actions code Contact the distributor Application fault Application does not function near to you Current at the analogue input is Analogue input I < < 4mA Check the current loop • control cable is broken or...

  • Page 30

    Fault Tracing Honeywell 62-0312—02...

  • Page 31: Application Interface

    Honeywell 7. APPLICATION INTERFACE 7.1 INTRODUCTION There are three versions of Application Interfaces (API) available: API RS-485 (Modbus API Full API Limited RTU) 6 Digital inputs 3 Digital inputs 1 Digital input 2 Analogue inputs 1 Analogue input 1 Relay output...

  • Page 32

    Honeywell • Current signal input fault • External fault • Undervoltage fault • Ground fault • Motor thermal, stall and underload protection • Fieldbus communication Special features in API Full and API Limited: • 8 preset speeds • Analogue input range selection, signal scaling and filtering •...

  • Page 33: Control I/o

    Honeywell 7.2 CONTROL I/O API FULL Terminal Signal Factory preset Description +10Vre Ref. voltage out Maximum load 10 mA Analog signal in 1 Ω Freq. reference 0 - +10 V Ri = 200 k (min) I/O signal ground 24Vout 24V output for DI's ±...

  • Page 34

    Honeywell API LIMITED Terminal Signal Factory preset Description +10Vre Ref. voltage out Maximum load 10 mA Analog signal in 1 Ω Freq. reference 0 - +10 V Ri = 200 k I/O signal ground 24Vout 24V output for DI's ±...

  • Page 35: Control Panel

    Control Panel Honeywell 8. CONTROL PANEL 8.1 GENERAL The API Full and API Limited versions have similar control panels. The panel is integrated to the drive consisting of corresponding application card and an overlay on the drive cover with status display and button clarifications.

  • Page 36: Keypad

    Control Panel Honeywell Figure 8.1: Control panel 8.3 KEYPAD The keypad section of the control panel consists of a navigation wheel and START and STOP buttons (see Figure 8.1). The navigation wheel is used for navigating on the panel display, but it also works as a reference potentiometer when KEYPAD has been selected as the control place of the drive.

  • Page 37: Navigation On The Compact Control Panel

    Control Panel Honeywell 8.4 NAVIGATION ON THE CONTROL PANEL This chapter provides you with information on navigating the menus on the VFD and editing the values of the parameters. 8.4.1 Main menu The menu structure of the control software consists of a main menu and several submenus.

  • Page 38: Reference Menu

    Control Panel Honeywell 8.4.2 Reference menu READY RUN STOP ALARM FAULT I/O KEYPAD Push to enter Change Push to edit mode value confirm Figure 8.3: Reference menu display Move to the reference menu with the navigation wheel (see Figure 8.2). The refe- rence value can be changed with the navigation wheel as shown in Figure 8.3.

  • Page 39: Monitoring Menu

    Control Panel Honeywell 8.4.3 Monitoring menu Alternates in the display READY RUN STOP ALARM FAULT KEYPAD Browse M1.1 - M1.20 Figure 8.4: Monitoring menu display Monitoring values mean actual values of measured signals as well as statuses of some control settings. They are visible in API Full and Limited display, but they can- not be edited.

  • Page 40

    Control Panel Honeywell Code Monitoring signal Unit Description M1.7 Motor voltage Motor voltage M1.8 DC-link voltage Measured DC-link voltage ° M1.9 Unit temperature Heat sink temperature ° M1.10 Motor temperature Calculated motor temperature M1.11 Analogue input 1 AI1 value M1.12...

  • Page 41: Parameter Menu

    Control Panel Honeywell 8.4.4 Parameter menu In Parameter menu only the Quick setup parameter list is shown by default. By giving the right value to the parameter 13.1 it is possible to open other advanced parameter groups. The parameter lists and descriptions can be found in chapters 9 and 10.

  • Page 42: Fault History Menu


  • Page 43: General Purpose Application Parameters

    Parameters Honeywell 9. GENERAL PURPOSE APPLICATION PARAMETERS On the next pages you can find the lists of parameters within the respective param- eter groups. The parameter descriptions are given in Chapter 10. NOTE: Parameters can only be changed when drive is in stop mode!

  • Page 44: Quick Setup Parameters (virtual Menu, Shows When Par. 13.1 = 1)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.1 QUICK SETUP PARAMETERS (VIRTUAL MENU, SHOWS WHEN PAR. 13.1 = 1) Code Parameter Unit Default Note Motor nominal Check rating plate on the P1.1 voltage motor Motor nom. fre- Check rating plate on the P1.2 60.00 quency...

  • Page 45

    Parameters Honeywell Code Parameter Unit Default Note Deceleration time from P4.3 Deceleration time 3000 maximum frequency to 0 API FULL and LIMITED: 0 = Voltage 0…10 V 1 = Voltage 2…10 V API LIMITED ONLY: 2 = Current 0…20 mA P6.1...

  • Page 46: Motor Settings (control Panel: Menu Par -> P1)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.2 MOTOR SETTINGS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P1) Code Parameter Unit Default Note Motor nominal volt- Check rating plate on P1.1 the motor Motor nominal fre- Check rating plate on P1.2 60.00 quency the motor Motor nominal...

  • Page 47: Start/stop Setup (control Panel: Menu Par -> P2)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.3 START/STOP SETUP (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P2) Code Parameter Unit Default Note 1 = I/O terminal P2.1 Control place 2 = Keypad 3 = Fieldbus 0 = Ramp P2.2 Start function 1 = Flying start 0 = Coasting P2.3...

  • Page 48: Ramps And Brakes Setup (control Panel: Menu Par -> P4)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.5 RAMPS AND BRAKES SETUP (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P4) Code Parameter Unit Default Note 0 = Linear P4.1 Ramp shape 10.0 >0 = S-curve ramp time P4.2 Acceleration time 3000 P4.3 Deceleration time 0.1 3000 DC braking cur-...

  • Page 49

    Parameters Honeywell Code Parameter Unit Default Note P5.10 Preset speed B2 As parameter 5.1 P5.11 Disable PI As parameter 5.1 Table 9.6: Digital inputs 62-0312—02...

  • Page 50: Analogue Inputs (control Panel: Menu Par -> P6)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.7 ANALOGUE INPUTS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P6) Code Parameter Unit Default Note Only in API FULL & LIMITED API FULL and LIM- ITED: 0 = Voltage 0…10 V 1 = Voltage 2…10 V API LIMITED ONLY: P6.1...

  • Page 51: Protections (control Panel: Menu Par -> P9)

    Parameters Honeywell Code Parameter Unit Default Selections Relay output 2 P7.2 314 As parameter 7.1 content Only in API FULL Digital output 1 P7.3 312 As parameter 7.1 content 0 = Not in use 1 = Output freq. (0-f 2 = Output current (0- Analogue output P7.4...

  • Page 52: Autorestart Parameters (control Panel: Menu Par -> P10 )

    Parameters Honeywell 9.10 AUTORESTART PARAMETERS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P10 ) Code Parameter Unit Default Note Delay before automatic P10.1 Wait time 0.10 10.00 s 0.50 restart after a fault has dis- appeared Defines the time before the frequency converter tries to P10.2 Trial time...

  • Page 53: Pi Control Parameters (control Panel: Menu Par -> P12)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.11 PI CONTROL PARAMETERS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P12) Code Parameter Unit Default Note 0 = Not used P12.1 PI activation 1 = PI for motor control 2 = PI for external use P12.2 PI controller gain 0.0 1000 100.0...

  • Page 54: Easy Usage Menu (control Panel: Menu Par -> P0)

    Parameters Honeywell 9.12 EASY USAGE MENU (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P0) Code Parameter Unit Default Note 0 = All parameters visible Parameter P13.1 1 = Only quick setup conceal parameter group visible 0 = Basic 1 = Pump drive 2 = Fan drive P13.2 Drive setup...

  • Page 55

    Parameters Honeywell Code Parameter Default Note Reset communication sta- S2.8 1= Resets par. S2.1 Total counters (MENU PAR -> S3) S3.1 MWh counter S3.2 Power on days S3.3 Power on hours User settings (MENU PAR -> S4) S4.1 Display contrast...

  • Page 56

    Parameters Honeywell 62-0312—02...

  • Page 57: Parameter Descriptions

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell 10. PARAMETER DESCRIPTIONS On the next pages you can find the descriptions of certain parameters. The descrip- tions have been arranged according to parameter group and number. 10.1 MOTOR SETTINGS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P1) OTOR CONTROL MODE With this parameter the user can select the motor control mode.

  • Page 58

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell U[V] Default: Nominal par.1.11 Field weakening voltage of the motor point Linear Squared Default: Nominal frequency of the motor f[Hz] par. 1.14 par.1.10 Figure 10.1: Linear and squared change of motor voltage 2 = Programmable U/f curve: The U/f curve can be programmed with three different points.

  • Page 59

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell 1.10 IELD WEAKENING POINT The field weakening point is the output frequency at which the output voltage reaches the value set with par. 1.11. 1.11 OLTAGE AT FIELD WEAKENING POINT Above the frequency at the field weakening point, the output voltage remains at the value set with this parameter.

  • Page 60: Start/stop Setup (control Panel: Menu Par -> P2)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Switching frequency: 1.5…16 kHz. 1.17 RAKE CHOPPER Note! An internal brake chopper is installed in three phase supply MI2 and MI3 size drives 0 = No brake chopper used 1 = Brake chopper used in Run state...

  • Page 61

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell The frequency converter is able to start also a running motor by apply- ing a small torque to motor and searching for the frequency corre- sponding to the speed the motor is running at. The searching starts from the maximum frequency towards the actual frequency until the correct value is detected.

  • Page 62: Frequency References (control Panel: Menu Par -> P3)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell 10.3 FREQUENCY REFERENCES (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P3) REFERENCE Defines the selected frequency reference source when the drive is controlled from the I/O terminal. 0 = Preset speed 0 - 7 1 = Keypad reference 2 = Reference from Fieldbus (FBSpeedReference) 3 = AI1 reference (terminals 2 and 3, e.g.

  • Page 63

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Setting value 0.1…10 seconds for this parameter produces an S-shaped ac- celeration/deceleration. The acceleration and deceleration times are deter- mined with parameters 4.2 and 4.3. [Hz] P4.2, 4.3 P4.1 P4.1 Figure 10.3: S-shaped acceleration/deceleration C BRAKING TIME AT START DC-brake is activated when the start command is given.

  • Page 64

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell BRAKING TIME AT STOP Determines if braking is ON or OFF and the braking time of the DC-brake when the motor is stopping. The function of the DC-brake depends on the stop function, par. 2.3. 0 = DC brake is not in use >0 = DC brake is in use and its function depends on the Stop function,...

  • Page 65: Digital Inputs (control Panel: Menu Par -> P5)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell The braking time is defined with parameter 4.7. If high inertia exists, it is rec- ommended to use an external braking resistor for faster deceleration. See Fig- ure 10.6. f out Motor speed Output frequency DC-braking Par. 4.6 t = par.

  • Page 66: Analoque Inputs (control Panel: Menu Par -> P6)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell 10.6 ANALOQUE INPUTS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P6) & SIGNAL FILTER TIME ONLY IN API FULL LIMITED SIGNAL FILTER TIME ONLY IN API FULL This parameter, given a value greater than 0, activates the function that filters out disturbances from the incoming analogue signal.

  • Page 67: Motor Thermal Protection (parameters 9.7 - 9.10)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Setting Signal content 0 = Not used Not in operation 1 = Ready The frequency converter is ready to operate The frequency converter operates (motor is 2 = Run running) 3 = Fault A fault trip has occurred...

  • Page 68

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell If tripping is selected the drive will stop and activate the fault stage. Deactivat- ing the protection, i.e. setting parameter to 0, will reset the thermal model of the motor to 0%. OTOR AMBIENT TEMPERATURE When the motor ambient temperature must be taken into consideration, it is recommended to set a value for this parameter.

  • Page 69: Autorestart Parameters (control Panel: Menu Par -> P10)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Motor temperature Trip area 105% Motor Fault/warning current par. 9.7 Time constant T *) Q = (I/I T ) 2 x (1-e -t/T ) Time Motor temperature Changes by motor size and adjusted with parameter 9.10 Figure 10.9: Motor temperature calculation 10.9 AUTORESTART PARAMETERS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR ->...

  • Page 70: Pi Control Parameters (control Panel: Menu Par -> P12)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Wait t ime Wait time Wait time par.10.1 par.10.1 par.10.1 Fault trigger Motor stop signal Restart 1 Restart 2 Motor start signal Supervision Trial time par.10.2 Fault active RESET/ Fault reset Autoreset function: (Trials = 2) Figure 10.10: Automatic restart 10.10 PI CONTROL PARAMETERS (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR ->...

  • Page 71: Easy Usage Menu (control Panel: Menu Par -> P9)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Controller feedback (%) par. 12.8 par. 12.7 Analoque input with custom min and max Custom min Custom max scaling (%) par. 6.3/6.7 par.6.4/6.8 20mA Figure 10.11: Feedback minimum and maximum 10.11 EASY USAGE MENU (CONTROL PANEL: MENU PAR -> P9) 13.2 D...

  • Page 72

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Alternates in the display READY RUN STOP A LARM FAULT READY RUN STOP ALARM FAULT READY R UN STOP ALARM FAULT PA R rp m Press STOP Push to enter edit mode Select motor for 5 seconds...

  • Page 73: Fieldbus Parameters (control Panel: Menu Par -> S2)

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell READY RUN STOP A LARM FAULT READY RUN STOP ALARM FAULT READY R UN STOP ALARM FAULT PA R Startup wizard Push to enter Select between shows par 13.2 edit mode. 0 - 3, see below! number.

  • Page 74: Modbus Process Data

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell - 04 Read Input Registers - 06 Preset Single Registers 10.12.1 Modbus process data Process data is an address area for fieldbus control. Fieldbus control is active when the value of parameter 2.1 (Control place) is 3 (=fieldbus). The contents of the proc- ess data has been determined in the application.

  • Page 75

    Table 10.7: Control word: In Honeywell applications, the three first bits of the control word are used to control the frequency converter. However, you can customise the content of the control word for your own applications because the control word is sent to the frequency converter as such.

  • Page 76

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell Table 10.9: Bit definitions: Description Value = 0 Value = 1 Stop Clockwise Counter-clockwise Rising edge of this bit will reset active fault Drive not ready Drive ready No fault Fault active No warning Warning active AREF...

  • Page 77

    Parameter Descriptions Honeywell 62-0312—02...

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  • Page 80

    Automation and Control Solutions Honeywell Limited-Honeywell Limitée 35 Dynamic Drive Toronto, Ontario M1V 4Z9 Honeywell International Inc. 1985 Douglas Drive North Golden Valley, MN 55422 ® U.S. Registered Trademark © 2009 Honeywell International Inc. 62-0312—02 Rev. 05-09...

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