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Fujitsu Arrows NX F-01J Instruction Manual

Ntt docomo.
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   Summary of Contents for Fujitsu Arrows NX F-01J

  • Page 1

    F-01J ’16.11 INSTRUCTION MANUAL...

  • Page 2

    Introduction "INSTRUCTION MANUAL" (PDF file) Thank you for purchasing "F-01J" mobile terminal. This manual provides detailed information and operations of Before using your terminal, or when necessary, read this the functions. manual to ensure safe use and handling. <From PC> manual/download/f01j/index.html Learning operations *You can download the latest information.

  • Page 3: Basic Package

    ■ クイックスタートガイド (Quick start guide) (in Basic package Japanese only) ご利用にあたっての注意事項 (Notes and instructions for use) (in Japanese only) ■ F-01J (with warranty) ・ For optional accessories compatible with the terminal (optional), refer to NTT DOCOMO website. (in Japanese only) Contents/Precautions...

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Contents Calling ......... 64 Making a call/video call ........... 64 ■ Basic package ............1 Receiving a call/video call ..........66 ■ Before using the terminal ........4 Operation during a call ............ 67 ■ Precautions (Always follow these directions) ..6 Recent calls ............... 69 ■...

  • Page 5

    Calculator ................116 External device connection ..165 Search ................116 docomo Data Copy ............117 Connecting with a PC ............. 165 Connecting with a printer ..........166 Connecting with DLNA device ........167 Settings ........120 Connecting with other devices ........169 Setting menu ..............120 Sound/Vibration/LED ............120 Overseas use ......

  • Page 6: Before Using The Terminal

    responsibility for any damage or trouble to you or a third Before using the terminal party resulting from using the function.→P151 ・ Regularly take a memo of the information you registered in the terminal or store it in the external memories such as ・...

  • Page 7

    ・ ・ The terminal automatically performs communication for For the information on the services provided by Google™, synchronizing data, checking the latest software version, refer to the terms of use for Google Inc. And for the details and maintaining a connection with the server, and for other on other web services, read terms of use for each service.

  • Page 8: Precautions (always Follow These Directions)

    Minor injury: This refers to injuries, burns (high- and low- Precautions (Always follow temperature), electric shock, etc. that do not require hospital admission for treatment or long-term hospital attendance as an these directions) outpatient. Physical damage: This refers to extended damage to buildings, ・...

  • Page 9

    ■ Precautions contain the description below. Do not charge when the terminal is wet with Handling the terminal, adapter, and docomo nano UIM card water (drinking water, perspiration, seawater, (common).................7 urine of pet animals, etc.). Don’t Handling the terminal ..............9 May cause fire, burns, injuries, or electric shock.

  • Page 10

    WARNING If the equipment gives off a strange smell, noise, smoke, or overheats or becomes discolored or Do not drop, trample, or throw the terminal or deformed during use, charge, or storage, give a strong force or vibration to it. perform the following operations.

  • Page 11

    ◆ Handling the terminal Do not store the terminal within the reach of small children. May cause small children to accidentally swallow the DANGER Don’t equipment or cause injuries and electric shock. Do not throw the terminal into fire or apply heat. Be careful when using the terminal continuously May cause fire, burns, or injury due to battery ignition, for a long time or charging as it gets hot.

  • Page 12

    Do not lighten or flash the light to drivers of cars, Turn off the terminal or put it in Airplane mode etc. before boarding an airplane. May disturb driving and cause an accident, etc. The use of mobile phones on airplanes is restricted. Follow Don’t the instructions of each airline.

  • Page 13

    When you use electronic medical equipment, CAUTION check with the equipment manufacturer to Do not swing the terminal around by holding determine how the device is affected by radio antenna cable, strap, etc. waves before using. May cause an accident such as injury to yourself or others, May cause harmful effect on electronic medical equipment Don’t or damage to surrounding objects by hitting.

  • Page 14

    If fluid etc. leaks out from the battery pack, do Stow the TV/FM transmitter antenna when not not let the fluid contact with the skin on your using TV. face or hands. When you call etc. with the TV/FM transmitter antenna Don’t extended, it may cause accident such as injury to yourself May cause eye or skin problems.

  • Page 15

    Do not place heavy objects on the adapter cord, When replacing the DC adapter's fuse, replace it or do not pull the cord with excessive force. only with a specified fuse. May cause fire, burns, or electric shock. Replacing with a different type of fuse might cause fire, Don’t burns, electric shock, etc.

  • Page 16

    ◆ Handling mobile phones near electronic Always remove the power plug of the adapter medical equipment from an outlet or accessory socket when not using the adapter. Unplug Not doing so may cause fire, burns, injuries, or electric WARNING shock. Wearers of medical equipment such as Immediately remove the power plug from the implanted pacemakers or defibrillators must...

  • Page 17

    ◆ Material list Part Material/Surface treatment TV/FM PC+ABS resin/Urethane two- Part Material/Surface treatment transmitter (Copper/ liquid curable coating antenna Black) Display panel Hardened glass/AF coating PC+ABS resin/Acrylic UV Exterior case Front case PC+ABS resin (White) curable coating Rear case PA-GF resin/Urethane two- Pipe Stainless steel/None (Copper/...

  • Page 18: Handling Precautions

    Part Material/Surface treatment Handling precautions Slot cap PC resin+Polyester elastomer (White) resin/Acrylic UV curable ◆ General coating ・ Stereo earphone jack, PA resin/None F-01J is waterproof/dustproof; however, do not allow earphone jack ring water (drinking water, perspiration, seawater, urine of pet animals, etc.) or dust to enter this terminal or come in IMEI sheet (Sheet, Bar code) PET/None contact with optional accessories.

  • Page 19

    ・ ・ Do not place the terminal near an air-conditioner outlet. The terminal may affect land-line phones, TVs or radios in - The rapid change in temperature may cause condensation, use nearby, so use it as far as possible from these causing internal corrosion and malfunction.

  • Page 20

    ・ ・ Do not cover the proximity sensor with film or sticker or Be careful especially about the followings when storing the dirty it. terminal. - May cause the functions that use the proximity sensor to - Storing under the state of the full charge (right after malfunction.

  • Page 21

    ◆ Instructions for using the adapter ◆ docomo nano UIM card ・ ・ Charge the battery in an area within the proper ambient Do not use excessive force to install/remove docomo nano UIM card. temperature range (5-35℃). ・ ・ Do not charge the battery in the areas below. Note that DOCOMO assumes no responsibility for - In areas of excessive humidity, dust or vibrations malfunctions occurring as the result of inserting and using...

  • Page 22

    ◆ Bluetooth function Cautions on using Bluetooth devices ・ The terminal is equipped with the security features, that are In the bandwidth used by the terminal, in addition to compliant with Bluetooth standards for communication via home electric appliances such as a microwave oven and Bluetooth.

  • Page 23

    ・ ◆ Wireless LAN (WLAN) Frequency bands Frequency bands used by the terminal wireless LAN ・ Wireless LAN (WLAN) exchanges information using radio function are as below. waves, and allows you to freely establish LAN connection if you are within an area where radio wave reaches. On the other side, if you communicate without appropriate 2.4DS/OF4 security settings, communications may be intercepted or...

  • Page 24

    Cautions on using 5 GHz devices Using wireless LAN built-into the terminal in 5.2/5.3 GHz Cautions on using 2.4 GHz devices outside is prohibited by the Radio Law. In the frequency band used by WLAN devices, in addition Channel numbers and frequency bands available in Japan to home electric appliances such as a microwave oven are as follows.

  • Page 25

    ・ ◆ FM transmitter Be careful when you use the terminal while driving a car etc. There is a penalty for holding or using the terminal while ・ The FM transmitter function of the terminal uses weak driving. waves requiring no licenses for radio stations. However, absolutely necessary cases such as rescue of a ・...

  • Page 26: Waterproofness/dustproofness, Shock Resistance

    Dustproofness Dust test for 6 hours consecutively Waterproofness/Dustproofness, (dust concentration of 10±7 g/m wind speed of 8.9 m/s) shock resistance Shock resistance Drop test from 1.22 meters height to plywood (lauan) in 26 directions F-01J has a waterproof equivalent to IPX5 and IPX8 , as Vibrating resistance...

  • Page 27

    - If mud or dirt has adhered to your terminal, shake it several Salt water durability Salt water durability test for 96 times in tap water put in a washbowl or other container to hours consecutively (2 cycles of 24 rinse it off and then flush it with running water.

  • Page 28

    ・ ◆ To ensure waterproofness/dustproofness Make sure to firmly close the slot cap. Even a fine obstacle (one hair, one grain of sand, tiny fiber, etc.) which is put To prevent water or dust from entering the terminal, be sure between contact surfaces may allow water or dust to enter.

  • Page 29

    ・ ◆ Important precautions Do not move the terminal in water or slam the terminal against the surface of water. Do not perform actions shown in the illustrations below. ・ When you use the terminal in swimming pool, obey rules of the facility.

  • Page 30

    c Swing the terminal about 10 times against a dry, clean ◆ Draining water cloth etc. to wipe off any water remaining in the stereo When the terminal is wet, water may flow out after wiping it earphone jack, external connection terminal, mouthpiece/ off;...

  • Page 31

    ◆ Charging Check the following during and after charging. ・ Never try to charge the battery when the terminal is wet. ・ When charging the battery after the terminal gets wet, adequately drain the terminal and then wipe off the remaining water with a dry, clean cloth or something similar.

  • Page 32: Before Using The Terminal

    a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antenna section →P126, P160 Before using the terminal b In-camera→P100 c Iris registration camera→P139 Use for iris registration or iris authentication operation. d Indicator LED→P47 e Proximity sensor/RGB sensor Part names and functions Proximity sensor detects approach of your face, prevents erroneous operation of the touch panel, and measures the Some illustrations omit the slot cap.

  • Page 33

    v docomo nano UIM card slot w Power keyP Power on/off and set/cancel sleep mode. x Volume key Bottom Adjust sound volume, or set/cancel Manner mode by p Stereo earphone jack (waterproof) pressing and holding volume down key for 1 second or q TV/FM transmitter antenna →P94 more.

  • Page 34: Docomo Nano Uim Card

    ■ Installing docomo nano UIM card a Face up the display side of the terminal and open the slot cap hooking the groove with your fingertip (a) b Put your fingertip on the groove of the tray and pull it A docomo nano UIM card is an IC card that stores user straight out (b) information, such as the users phone number.

  • Page 35

    ■ Removing ◆ Security code for the docomo nano a Face up the display side of the terminal and open the slot UIM card cap hooking the groove with your fingertip You can set up a security code called a PIN code for your b Put your fingertip on the groove of the tray and pull it docomo nano UIM card.

  • Page 36: Charging

    ・ For charging time, see "Main specifications".→P190 Charging ❖ Internal battery life ❖ ・ The internal battery is a consumable part. The usage Precautions on charging duration of the battery per 1 charge decreases gradually ・ If you use applications while charging, it may take time to each time the battery is recharged.

  • Page 37

    ◆ Charging with AC adapter Indicator LED Follow the procedure below to use AC Adapter 05 (optional) External for charging. connection jack a With the side engraved with "B" facing up, insert the microUSB plug of the AC adapter horizontally into the external connection jack b Insert the AC adapter power plug into an outlet ・...

  • Page 38: Turning Power On/off

    Turning power on/off Basic operation ◆ Turning power on ◆ Using touch panel Press and hold P (2 sec. or more) until the Touch the touch panel directly to operate the terminal. ❖ indicator LED lights in green Notes for using the touch panel The terminal vibrates and the lock screen appears The touch panel is designed for being touched lightly with following the startup screen.

  • Page 39

    ❖ Tap/Double-tap Tap : Touch the screen lightly and release the finger quickly. Double-tap : Tap twice quickly. Example : Drag ❖ Pinch Example : Tap Touch the screen with two fingers and widen (pinch-out) or ❖ narrow (pinch-in) the fingers distance. Touch and hold Touch the screen for a while.

  • Page 40: Emergency Mode

    ◆ Switching the portrait/landscape view ◆ Emergency mode The terminal supports a motion sensor that senses orientation In case of emergency such as disaster, reduce the battery or motion of the terminal. You can switch display view by consumption by restricting the screen brightness or turning off tilting the terminal vertical or horizontal (Auto-rotate screen→...

  • Page 41: Character Entry

    ◆ Application permissions Character entry The first time you launch an application or function that accesses other functions and information on the terminal, a Enter characters using software keyboard displayed on the confirmation screen that requests authorization for access screen. rights appears.

  • Page 42

    ■ QWERTY keypad 手書き (Handwritten input) : Switch to handwritten input 全画面手書き (Handwritten in full-screen) : Switch to full- Enter characters using Romaji input. screen handwritten input 上書き手書き (Overwrite handwritten input) : Enable/ disable overwrite handwritten input 定型文 (Common phrase) : Display common phrases 記号...

  • Page 43

    ・ Flick down on the key to restore a character deleted after ✔INFORMATION it was fixed (or flick right in handwritten input mode in ・ To hide the keypad, tap . To show the keypad again, tap the portrait view). character entry field.

  • Page 44

    ❖ Numeric keypad input You can use the following 4 input methods in the numeric keypad. ・ Select the input method you want to use in [Numeric keypad].→P43 Example: Entering "ぱ" ■ Flick input ・ In the alphanumeric input mode, you can switch between If you touch and hold the key assigned the character you want uppercase and lowercase characters by sliding downwards to enter, characters (flick guide) will be displayed on that key.

  • Page 45

    ❖ ◆ Switching input method Setting Super ATOK ULTIAS You can also switch to another input method such as the Set entry actions or design for each keyboard. Also, you can Google keyboard to enter characters. register words (Personal dictionary) or edit common phrases, ・...

  • Page 46

    ◆ Editing text Conversion setting : Set keyboard selection type for Hiragana/Alphabet/Numeric, Available keyboard, Select You can copy texts in the character entry field, web page or referred app of MENU flick, Input prediction, Showing received mail and cut and paste texts in the character entry prediction candidates before next input, Learning field.

  • Page 47

    ■ Copying text in a web page etc. ◆ Using external keyboard Touch and hold a text You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard (HID/SPP) or USB Text range is highlighted. keyboard to the terminal to enter characters. ・ ・ Drag knobs on the both ends of text range to adjust 101 keyboard, 104 keyboard,106 keyboard, OADG 109 selected range.

  • Page 48: Initial Settings

    [Start using] Initial settings The Home screen appears. ✔INFORMATION When you turn on the terminal for the first time, make initial ・ When How to use the Home screen appears, confirm the settings following the on-screen instructions. content and then tap [Next]→[Next]→[Do not show again]/ ・...

  • Page 49: Indicator Led

    Indicator LED Screen/Icon Indicator LED notifies the terminal states such as charging ◆ Icons on Navigation bar and missed call by lighting or flashing. Operation icons appear on the navigation bar shown at the ■ Main notification type, lighting/flashing bottom of the screen. Names and actions of icons are as Turning on the terminal : Light once in green follows.

  • Page 50

    ◆ Slide display ◆ Icons on the status bar When you hold the terminal in one hand, you can move the The status bar along the top of the screen shows notification whole screen to the direction of the navigation bar to operate icons and status icons that allow you to check various on the screen where your finger did not reach to.

  • Page 51

    : Notification of watching or reserving Full Seg/1Seg as : NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock is set on the terminal or docomo background→P93 nano UIM card→P91 : Notification of recording or programmed to record Full : Omakase Lock is set on the terminal and docomo nano Seg/1Seg as background→P93 UIM card : Software update→P187...

  • Page 52: Notification Panel

    c Notification : Number/symbol/smily/pict, common phrase input→P39 Tap each notification to check the details or make necessary ◆ Notification panel settings. Also, touch and hold the notification to display the icon and Flick the status bar downward to open the Notification panel. the following operations are available.

  • Page 53: Sleep Mode

    ◆ Sleep mode ◆ Unlocking screen lock When the sleep mode is set, the screen backlight turns off so During sleep mode, P that you can avoid misoperations of the touch panel and lock the screen. You can also reduce battery consumption. On the screen, tap The lock is canceled.

  • Page 54

    ❖ ◆ Slide-in function Capture & Draw By default, you can call out Slide-in launcher and Capture & Capture displayed screen to edit as an image or share with Draw/Highlight & Copy by sliding your finger from the slide other application. ・...

  • Page 55: Task Manager

    Trace text strings you want to copy with your Task manager finger Recognized texts are marked and displayed in preview. ・ Tap the preview to display the keyboard to edit the If you stop operation of an application by tapping (Home) etc., the application may remain active in the background.

  • Page 56: Switching The Home Applications

    Switching the home applications Change the screen (Home screen) displayed by tapping (Home). "docomo LIVE UX", "NX!Home" and "NX!Home Simple" are available in the terminal. →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, [Display & Wallpaper]→[Homescreen selector] Select a home application to switch to ✔INFORMATION ・...

  • Page 57: Docomo Live Ux

    e Dock docomo LIVE UX Displayed even if the home screen page is changed. Apps button : Display the application list screen. →P57 My Magazine button : Display My Magazine. →P62 f Customize area You can locate applications, widgets, and folders. Home screen g Folder Store multiple applications.

  • Page 58: Home Screen

    Select items or make settings as required ✔INFORMATION ・ ・ To move an application or add a widget to the Home If [Uninstall] appears when you touch and hold an screen, touch and hold an icon in the application/widget application, drag the application to [Uninstall] and tap [OK] to list screen, then drag it to the Home screen area at the uninstall.

  • Page 59: Application List

    ◆ Setting Machi-Chara Application list You can change the character display, character moving, balloon display and auto-update setting of character etc. Display the application list to activate registered applications Touch and hold blank area in the customize or move applications or widgets to the Home screen. area ・...

  • Page 60

    ・ To move an application or add a widget to the Home DiXiM Player : Watch and listen recorded TV programs, screen, touch and hold an application/widget, then photos, music, videos on the home network with your devices. drag it to the Home screen area. For use, Wi-Fi environment is required.→P167 c Home screen area d book MyShelf : Browse comic, novels, practical books,...

  • Page 61

    ULTIAS feature select : Set Keyboard selection, Flick iコンシェル (i-concier) : i-concier is a service with which a mobile phone supports your life like a "butler" or "concierge". learning mode, ATOK Keyword Express (Enable, Select This application delivers useful information for daily life such genres, Notify updates, Receive right away, Auto receive, as nimbus alarm, train service information or outing spot Interval, Auto receive on Wi-Fi only).

  • Page 62

    Schedule : An application for creating/managing schedules ToruCa : An application for collecting saving coupons/ convenient information from your favorite shops. →P92 whose data is shared with Memo application. It supports i- concier.→P114 Personal note : Register and manage authentication Settings : Make the terminal settings.

  • Page 63

    ・ Some pre-installed applications require separate ✔INFORMATION subscriptions (charged) to be used. ・ on the recommended application list to switch ON/ ・ For some pre-installed applications, uninstallation may be OFF the notifications of recommended applications in possible. Some uninstalled applications may be downloaded "Notification settings".

  • Page 64: Backup And Restoration Of Home Screen

    Backup and restoration of My Magazine Home screen My Magazine is a search service for displaying articles for categories you selected. It helps to set search words based on You can restore the Home screen layout such as applications your tendency of articles to read or profile information to and widgets using docomo LIVE UX data backed up in bring them closer to your preference.

  • Page 65: Information Of Home Application

    ◆ Category setting Information of home You can select categories for information you want to view in application My Magazine. From the Home screen, ◆ Version The list screen divided by genres appears. You can check the provider of docomo LIVE UX and version →[Display category setting]→Select information etc.

  • Page 66: Calling

    Calling →[Video call] Making a video call : When a call is ended, [END CALL] ✔INFORMATION ・ With VoLTE, you can make high-quality voice and video calls. Making a call/video call To use VoLTE, both parties must meet the following requirements.

  • Page 67

    ・ - If your terminal failed to switch to a video call during a voice This terminal supports "Emergency call location call, a massage appears on the screen indicating that the notification". If you use the terminal to place a call to emergency numbers such as 110, 119, or 118, the failure occurred, and the voice call is maintained.

  • Page 68: Receiving A Call/video Call

    ・ In Japan, if the docomo nano UIM card is not inserted, Receiving a call/video call emergency calls 110, 119 and 118 cannot be made on the PIN code entry screen, during PIN code lock/PUK lock or while updating software. ◆...

  • Page 69: Operation During A Call

    ◆ Receiving a video call Operation during a call <Example> When a call is received in sleep mode A call is received The following operations are possible in the screen during a call. The incoming call screen (full-screen) appears. ・ Press P/volume key to stop ringtone or vibration.

  • Page 70

    g Calling with high-quality sound ✔INFORMATION ・ "HD"/"HD+" appears during a call with high quality ・ Enable Voice clear to improve call sound to be heard clearly sound. by emphasizing the other party's voice or adjusting the h Set speaker phone to ON/OFF listening sound.

  • Page 71: Recent Calls

    f History Recent calls Display "Outgoing call"/"Incoming call"/"Missed call". ・ In Recent calls, call type such as voice call or video call is not displayed. You can check call history. g Date and time for incoming/outgoing call From the Home screen, ✔INFORMATION [Recent calls] ・...

  • Page 72: Phone Memo

    Phone memo Call settings Set phone memo or play/delete recorded phone memos. Make various settings for DOCOMO network services, call and ・ Note that accepting a video call by phone memo Internet call. automatically changes it to a voice call and the image is not From the Home screen, →...

  • Page 73

    Vibrate on ring : Set whether to vibrate while ringtone is Answer : Set whether to answer by placing the terminal to sounding. your ear. ・ You cannot set while Manner mode is enabled. Disconnect : Set whether to disconnect the call by putting Dialpad touch tones : Set whether to sound when the terminal horizontally with the screen facing down or operating the dial pad.

  • Page 74

    ・ Open source licenses : Confirm open source licenses. The proximity sensor does not respond well to black objects. Not supported to video calls. (When answering a call) If hair is blocking the earpiece as you Not supported to VoLTE. bring the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor may have Call is available when the Home screen is displayed trouble working and cause the call to not pick up.

  • Page 75: Phonebook

    ・ The terminal emits the ringtone from the earpiece. When you Phonebook use the Suguden (answer) function, the terminal detects that it is near your ear and sets the proper sound volume, but if the terminal does not detect it, loud sound may emit near You can register phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

  • Page 76

    a Name ◆ Deleting a phonebook entry Tap to display the profile screen. In the profile screen, you can make a call, send SMS, etc. In the phonebook list, select a contact to delete b Search → →[Delete]→[OK] Search contacts. ・...

  • Page 77

    ❖ Registering a contact to a group ✔INFORMATION ・ on the profile screen to operate sharing, etc. In the phonebook list, [Group] ・ To display phonebook entries added to "Favorites", in the phonebook list, tap [Group]→[Favorites]. Select a group→[Add member]→Mark a contact to add→[OK]→[OK] ◆...

  • Page 78

    ◆ My profile You can check your own phone number. You can also register or edit your own information. From the Home screen, [ドコモクラウド (docomo cloud)]→[docomo phonebook] [My profile] [Edit]→Set required items→[Save] ・ → [Send My To perform Send My profile settings, tap profile] and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Page 79: Mail/browser

    Mail/Browser Messaging (SMS) You can send and receive text messages with a mobile phone number as the destination. docomo mail * For details on a number of characters that you can send/receive etc, refer to "Short Message Service (SMS)" on the NTT DOCOMO website.

  • Page 80

    ◆ When SMS is received ◆ Forwarding SMS When SMS is received, the notification icon (→P48) appears →[Messaging] From the Home screen, on the status bar. Open the Notification panel (→P50) to check new SMS. Select a message thread→Touch and hold SMS →[Forward] ✔INFORMATION ・...

  • Page 81: Gmail

    ◆ Setting SMS Gmail →[Messaging]→ From the Home screen, [MENU]→[Settings] You can use email provided by Google or other general providers. Set required items ・ If Google account or email account is not set, follow the on- SMS Enabled : Change default SMS application. screen instructions.

  • Page 82: Nx! Mail

    ◆ Creating and sending an email NX! Mail →[NX! Mail] From the Home screen, ・ The folder list screen appears. Set docomo mail address ( or an email ・ If a folder is set for the startup screen (→P81), the mail account provided by general provider to use Email.

  • Page 83

    ◆ Receiving/Displaying emails ◆ Operations on the folder list screen →[NX! Mail] From the Home screen, Display the folder list screen Displaying the mail list screen in a folder : Tap the folder [MENU]→[Update] to display the mail list screen of Creating a new folder : [Create folder]→[Create folder Select a folder from the folder list→Select an...

  • Page 84

    ◆ Setting Email <Example> Setting IMAP account On the folder list screen, [MENU]→[Settings]→ Make Email settings. [Account settings] ❖ General settings for NX! Mail The account list screen is displayed. On the folder list screen, [MENU]→[Settings] Select an IMAP account→Set each item Account name display : Edit an account name.

  • Page 85: Early Warning "area Mail

    ・ To delete an email account, touch and hold the account to Early warning "Area Mail" delete on the account list screen→Tap [Delete]→[OK]. ❖ Backing up/Restoring emails Area Mail is a service that you can receive Earthquake Early Warning and Tsunami Warning provided by the ■...

  • Page 86: Chrome

    ◆ Displaying received Area Mail Chrome →[Disaster kit] From the Home screen, You can view web pages like on a PC using "Chrome". [Early Warning "Area Mail"]→Select an Area On the terminal, "Chrome" can be used over a packet Mail communication or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Page 87

    ◆ Opening a new browser window ✔INFORMATION ・ Web pages opened in incognito tab are not left in the history. You can open 2 or more browser windows and switch web If you close the incognito tab, any record such as Cookie is pages quickly.

  • Page 88

    ・ Select a bookmark From here on, refer to "Highlight & Copy".→P52 at the right of Bookmarks to edit or delete. ◆ Printing web page ◆ Web page link operations You can print a displayed web page using a Wi-Fi supported printer or the cloud print function.

  • Page 89: Applications

    Applications dmarket Various services including selling digital contents such as music, videos, books, shopping sites, travel reservation sites, dmenu etc. are provided. From the Home screen, [dmarket] In dmenu, you can easily access sites recommended by Top screen of dmarket appears. DOCOMO or convenient applications.

  • Page 90

    ◆ Installing application ✔INFORMATION ・ Be sure to check the security of application, then install it at From the Home screen, [Play Store]. your own risk. The terminal may be infected with a virus and Google Play screen appears. data may be damaged. ・...

  • Page 91: Osaifu-keitai

    Data stored on a docomo nano UIM card ・ Osaifu-Keitai If you use a docomo nano UIM card of the previous model, to use Osaifu-Keitai compatible services, install and set the application of Osaifu-Keitai compatible service providers. You can use Osaifu-Keitai service which allows you to pay ・...

  • Page 92

    Hold mark over a card reader ◆ Using "かざしてリンク対応サービス (Kazashite-Link compatible service)" From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Useful Mark tools]→[NFC/Osaifu-Keitai Settings] ・ When the password setting screen for NFC/Osaifu- Keitai lock appears, follow the on-screen instructions to set password. ・ If [Lock NFC/Osaifu-Keitai] is marked, unmark the checkbox.

  • Page 93

    ・ ◆ Tap & pay If there are metal objects between mark and the other device, scanning may fail. Putting the terminal into a case or Enable or disable the setting of the service available by holding cover may affect communication. In that case, remove the the terminal over the IC card reader, such as Osaifu-Keitai case or cover.

  • Page 94

    ・ ◆ ToruCa To use Osaifu-Keitai menu while NFC/Osaifu-Keitai Lock is set, cancel NFC/Osaifu-Keitai Lock. The ToruCa application allows you to save coupons offered by ・ A lock password for NFC/Osaifu-Keitai cannot be erased even your favorite shops and other useful information to your if you reset the terminal.

  • Page 95: Tv (full Seg/1seg)

    ・ Information displayed in the area of data broadcasting is TV (Full Seg/1Seg) "data broadcasting" and "data broadcasting site" information. "Data broadcasting" information is carried in a broadcast, TV is an application for watching programs switching together with images, voice and sound, and "data between Full Seg and 1Seg according to reception of signals.

  • Page 96

    ■ TV/FM transmitter antenna ◆ Activating TV TV/FM transmitter antenna receives broadcasting signals →[TV] From the Home screen, when you watch TV (Full Seg/1Seg). ・ Make sure to extend the TV/FM transmitter antenna to the TV watching screen appears. end when pulling it out. ・...

  • Page 97

    ❖ c Control bar (for Full Seg only) TV watching screen ・ When you tap an icon, the corresponding screen is displayed in the operation panel area. : Display the remote control : Display a list of channels : Display program information d Operation panel area ・...

  • Page 98

    ◆ TV link ◆ Reserving watching/recording For some data broadcasting programs, link information to You can reserve watching or recording TV programs. related websites (TV link) is displayed. Save TV links to display On the TV watching screen, →[Reserve related websites directly. Recording/Viewing] ❖...

  • Page 99

    ・ ◆ Recording a program When using functions that can be used by users or guests or the terminal is set to a user other than the owner, Reserve You can record image, sound, subtitle and data broadcasting Viewing/Reserve Recording is not available. If the reserved you are watching.

  • Page 100

    ・ - Available space on the terminals memory or microSD card If playback ended halfway in the previous session, is 19 MB or less for Full Seg and 0.5 MB or less for 1Seg playback resumes from where it left off. ・...

  • Page 101

    ◆ TV settings Set required items Display subtitles : Set whether to display subtitles. →[Settings] On the TV watching screen, Subtitle position : Set the position of subtitles for the horizontal screen. Set required items Subtitle language : Set the language for subtitles. Text superimpose display : Set displaying/hiding super Sound output : Set from [Main]/[Sub]/[Main/Sub] for impose text and language for Full Seg.

  • Page 102: Camera

    Camera Copyrights and portrait rights Avoid reproducing, altering, or editing taken or recorded pictures or sounds using the terminal without the ◆ Cautions on shooting copyright holders authorization, because, except for personal use etc., they are prohibited by the Copyright ・...

  • Page 103

    d Exposure correction icon ◆ Viewing shooting screen Adjust exposure correction. Icons indicating the settings of exposure correction appear at the side of the icon. ・ It does not appear during video recording. e Menu icon ・ It does not appear during video recording. f Still images/videos that was taken immediately before ・...

  • Page 104

    ◆ Shooting still images ◆ Continuous shooting You can shoot continuously up to 100 images. From the Home screen, [Camera] ・ Continuous shooting mode is not available for shooting with A still image shooting screen appears. in-camera, shooting with HDR mode, flash or self timer settings.

  • Page 105

    ◆ Panorama shooting ◆ Automatic still image shooting You can shoot a panoramic image by slowly swiveling the The terminal automatically adjusts settings and shoots camera to the left or right. pictures in the following functions. ・ ・ Panorama shooting is not available for in-camera. Image stabilizer is always turned on.

  • Page 106

    ・ ■ Adjust flicker If "RapidPic" or "HDR mode" is set, the flash cannot be set. Also depending on the night scene, it may not turn on. Reduce flicker noise or stripe pattern emerged under a fluorescent lamp etc. ■ HDR mode Shoot 2 images in different exposure time (long exposure and ◆...

  • Page 107

    ■ Main operations on the video shooting screen Exposure/WB : Set whether to display the icons for exposure correction ( )/white balance adjustment ( ) on the shooting Shooting still image while recording : shown while screen. recording a video. ・...

  • Page 108

    ◆ Shooting settings for video ■ Exposure/WB Set whether to display the icons for exposure correction ( Tap [MENU] displayed on the video shooting screen to change white balance adjustment ( ) on the shooting screen. the following shooting settings. ・...

  • Page 109: Album-scene

    Closing the QR code shooting screen : [←] ・ Album-Scene Return to the previous shooting mode before setting to Reading with QR code reader. Turning the light ON/OFF : [MENU]→[Light ON]/[Light You can view still images or videos shot with the camera or OFF] downloaded to the terminal.

  • Page 110: Media Player

    ■ Main icons and functions Media Player : Switch to picture list, album list, and setting screen etc. : Display update information, comments on share album, or notice of adding picture etc. You can use the Media Player to play music/video and music/ : Various operations for sending or deleting pictures etc.

  • Page 111

    b Playback point ◆ Playing music/video ・ Drag left or right to change the playback point. c Album artwork →[Media Player] From the Home screen, d Volume control ・ If an explanation screen for Media Player appears, tap [ ・ Drag left or right to control volume.

  • Page 112

    ◆ Purchasing from dmarket ◆ Using Play list Register songs to the play list to play songs only you like. →[Media Player] From the Home screen, From the Home screen, →[Media Player]→ →[d music]/[dTV]/[d anime store] [Playlist] Play list screen appears. [Add]→Enter the play list name→[OK] Select a song to add to the list→[Done] ・...

  • Page 113: Location Data/gps

    ・ The displayed map based on the acquired location Location data/GPS information (latitude and longitude information) may be inaccurate because of the legal system in each country and area. You can use the GPS function on the terminal and a compatible application to check your current location or ■...

  • Page 114

    ◆ Precautions for using electronic ◆ Adjusting the electronic compass compass ■ Operation method An electronic compass is equipped with the terminal and it While using an application such as "Maps" that uses the senses the faint fluctuation in the magnetic field of the earth to electronic compass, move the terminal like describing a big calculate directions.

  • Page 115

    ◆ Setting location data/GPS ◆ Google Maps Allow applications to use location data/GPS. The Google Maps™ application lets you measure your current ・ Items or displays may vary depending on the version of the location, find locations and calculate routes. ・...

  • Page 116: Schedule

    ◆ Displaying schedule Schedule Display information of registered schedule. On the calendar screen, tap a date→Tap a You can manage your schedule. schedule From the Home screen, [ドコモクラウド (docomo cloud)]→[Schedule] Check the schedule The calendar screen appears. Editing schedule : [Edit]→Edit schedule→[保存...

  • Page 117: Clock

    ◆ Using timers Clock →[Clock] From the Home screen, You can use the alarm, clock, timer, stopwatch and world clock. The timer screen appears. ・ On the alarm/clock/timer/stopwatch screen, tap → [Settings] to make settings for the clock. Enter time→ ◆...

  • Page 118: Calculator

    Resetting the measurement : While pausing the Search measurement, Sharing the result : While pausing the measurement, You can search using "Google" application or "Voice Search" application. Calculator ・ Items or displays may vary depending on the version of the application.

  • Page 119: Docomo Data Copy

    ◆ Voice Search docomo Data Copy You can search in the website by entering keywords by voice. From the Home screen, →[Voice Search]→ With "docomo Data Copy", you can copy the data saved in the Speak a keyword to the mouthpiece/ terminal to another terminal, or back up/restore the data.

  • Page 120

    ❖ ◆ Backing up to/Restoring from microSD Backup card Back up data such as phonebook, docomo mail, media files, etc. You can move and back up phonebook entries, docomo mails, etc. using the microSD card. From the Home screen, →[Data Copy]→ ・...

  • Page 121

    ❖ Copying phonebook data to docomo account Copy phonebook data stored on a Google account to docomo account. →[Data Copy]→ From the Home screen, [Backup & Restore] [Phonebook account copy]→Tap [Select] of the phonebook to copy→[OVERWRITE]/[ADD] ・ Copied account is saved to docomo account. [OK] ◆...

  • Page 122: Settings

    Settings Sound/Vibration/LED Make settings for volumes, ringtone, etc. →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, Setting menu [Sound/Vibration/LED] You can make various settings in the menu displayed from the Set required items Home screen, tap →[Settings]. Volumes : Setting steps→P121 Manner mode : Setting steps→P121 Menu Page Phone ringtone : Set phone ringtone.

  • Page 123

    ❖ Do not disturb Notification access : Set whether to permit the access of the application that can access to notifications. Perform the settings about notifications or set Automatic rules Do Not Disturb access : Set [Do not disturb] to manage when "Do not disturb"...

  • Page 124

    ◆ Dolby Audio ✔INFORMATION ・ You can also enable/disable Manner mode in the followings. Set whether to use Dolby Audio for playing video or music. - Press the volume down key for 1 second or more→[OK] From the Home screen, →[Settings]→...

  • Page 125: Display & Wallpaper

    Video correction : Set whether to correct image quality of Display & Wallpaper videos (1Seg, YouTube, etc.). ・ The image quality of videos recorded by the camera or downloaded and saved to microSD card is corrected at Set screen brightness or auto-rotate screen. the time of playback.

  • Page 126

    ❖ ◆ Touch and go display Keep lit when held Double-tap the screen to set to cancel/set sleep mode. Set whether to keep the screen backlight on while the terminal is in motion, held in hand. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→...

  • Page 127: Battery

    ◆ Battery optimization Battery To suppress battery consumption for each application, the application is disabled when the terminal is not used or the Check the remaining amount of battery, etc. application is not used for several days. →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, →[Settings]→...

  • Page 128: Wi-fi

    [Easy Settings/Select network]→Select a Wi-Fi Wi-Fi network ・ When you select a Wi-Fi network protected by security, With Wi-Fi functions of the terminal, you can use mail or enter a password (security key) and tap [CONNECT]. ・ access the Internet by connecting to the home or company After selecting Wi-Fi network, connection selection network or public wireless LAN access point.

  • Page 129

    ・ Enter additional security information as If more than one Wi-Fi network has been saved, you can switch from one network to another by selecting the required→[SAVE] destination network and then tapping [CONNECT]. The Wi-Fi network you are currently connected to is disconnected and ◆...

  • Page 130

    ◆ Connecting other devices with Wi-Fi PIN code displayed on the terminal to an access point device. Direct ✔INFORMATION Connect between Wi-Fi Direct devices without routing an ・ For some wireless LAN access points, AOSS™ connection access point etc. ・ Set Wi-Fi to ON in advance.

  • Page 131

    ❖ ◆ Multi-connection About applications compatible with Multi-connection Set whether to use Wi-Fi network and packet communication (LTE/3G) simultaneously for the comfortable Internet The application displayed by tapping [Select application] is the connection. When Multi-connection is set to ON, you can Multi-connection target.

  • Page 132: Data Communication/airplane Mode

    ◆ Wi-Fi sleep policy Passpoint : Set whether to automatically connect the available Passport access point when Wi-Fi is ON. Set whether to disconnect Wi-Fi when the screen of the terminal turns off or while charging. Data communication/Airplane From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Wi-Fi &...

  • Page 133

    ❖ ◆ Stopping packet connection Adding an access point ・ Some applications automatically perform packet Do not change the MCC/MNC to other than 440/10. The communications. Packet communication is kept active unless setting disappears from the screen. you cut off the connection or the time-out occurs. Activate or From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Data deactivate packet communication as required.

  • Page 134

    ❖ Connecting to VPN ✔INFORMATION ・ You can delete access point one by one by tapping an access →[Settings]→[Data From the Home screen, point from the APN list screen→Tap [MENU] on the access communication/Airplane mode]→[VPN] point editing screen→and [Delete APN]. Select a VPN to connect to ◆...

  • Page 135

    ❖ ◆ Tethering Wi-Fi tethering Tethering is a function for using mobile devices such as You can allow Wi-Fi devices to access the Internet by using the smartphones as modems to allow external devices connected terminal as Wi-Fi hotspot. ・ via USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth communications to access You can connect up to 10 Wi-Fi devices.

  • Page 136: Airplane Mode

    ❖ Easy settings for Wi-Fi tethering ◆ Airplane mode Register Wi-Fi device supporting WPS. When Airplane mode is set, wireless functions of the terminal ・ Set Wi-Fi tethering to ON in advance. (phone, packet communication, Wi-Fi, Miracast, tethering, Bluetooth function, FM transmitter) are disabled. Wi-Fi, From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Data Miracast and Bluetooth function can be manually turned on in...

  • Page 137: Lock & Security

    Personal note : Setting steps→P141 Lock & Security Make passwords visible : Set whether to display passwords when entering security code/passwords. Security : Set followings. Set up about lock. Storage type : Setting steps→P142 →[Settings]→[Lock From the Home screen, Trusted credentials : Setting steps→P142 Install certificates : Setting steps→P142 &...

  • Page 138

    ◆ Security codes for the terminal Notes on the security codes Some functions provided for convenient use of the terminal ・ To set a security code, avoid imaginable numbers such require the security code to use them. Besides the security as "birth date", "a part of phone number", "street code for locking the terminal, the network security code address or room number", "1111"...

  • Page 139

    ❖ ・ Network security code When docomo nano UIM card is locked by PIN or PUK, remove the docomo nano UIM card. The Home screen will The network security code is a 4-digit number necessary for appear and you can perform communication using Wi-Fi identification or using the docomo Network Services at function.

  • Page 140

    ❖ ◆ Setting Security unlock preference Locking screen lock Set type of authentication operation to cancel the screen lock. With the security unlock preference set (→P138) and enabled, the screen is locked when the terminal goes into sleep mode From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Lock by pressing P or when the time set in [Automatically lock] &...

  • Page 141

    ◆ Iris authentication function - Dirt of dust, sebum, etc. attachment or condensation of moisture of sweat etc. The terminal is equipped with the iris authentication function ❖ Precautions for registering iris that performs security authentication with the owners iris registered in advance.

  • Page 142

    ❖ ❖ Precautions for using iris authentication Registering iris Precautions for using iris authentication are as follows: Register iris. ・ Authentication performance depends on the condition of From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Lock use. The following conditions may make iris authentication &...

  • Page 143

    ❖ Iris authentication setting Set required items ・ → For details on Smart Lock, refer to Help by tapping →[Settings]→[Lock From the Home screen, [Help]. & Security]→[Iris settings] ◆ Personal note Set required items Register and manage authentication information such as ID Use iris as security unlock preference : Change the (account) and password.

  • Page 144

    ◆ Managing authentication information If necessary, enter the password→[OK] Enter the name of the authentication You can display credential authentication information or certificates or install authentication information for accessing information/certificate→[OK] VPNs etc. or other certificates. ❖ Clearing credentials ❖ Displaying authentication information storage type Clear all authentication information, certificates or VPN settings from the authentication storage.

  • Page 145

    ❖ ◆ Permitting to install unknown sources Changing PIN code applications Set the PIN code (set [Lock SIM card] to ON) in advance. Permit to install applications obtained from sites other than From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Lock Play Store, mails, etc. &...

  • Page 146: Google

    ◆ Application pinning Google Set whether to fix the currently running application to prevent other applications from using. Information and settings for Google account and services can From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Lock be checked/changed/deleted. & Security]→[Security]→[Application pinning] ・ For details about Google settings, on the Google screen, tap →...

  • Page 147: Language/text/input

    ◆ Switching to English display Language/Text/Input Change the language to be used to English. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ Change the language used for the terminal, font or character [Language/Text/Input]→[Language] size. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ [English] [Language/Text/Input] ✔INFORMATION Set required items ・...

  • Page 148: Useful Tools

    ◆ Setting Voice Search Useful tools Setting Google voice search. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ Set up the FM transmitter, the slide display, etc. [Language/Text/Input]→[Google voice typing] →[Settings]→[Useful From the Home screen, Set required items tools] Languages : Set language for Google voice search. Set required items "Ok Google"...

  • Page 149

    ◆ Personal assist ◆ FM transmitter Personal assist learns how you usually use the terminal, based You can transmit music saved in the terminal via FM radio on information such as the location, time, and day of the week. waves to listen from an FM radio or car stereo system. ・...

  • Page 150: Navigation Bar

    ◆ Glove touch ◆ Slide-in function Set whether to improve the sensitivity of the touch panel so Configure settings so that you can slide your finger from the you can use touch gestures on the terminal with gloves on. edge of the screen to bring up the launcher, from which you can launch applications, or to capture a screen shot, or so that From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Useful...

  • Page 151

    ・ ◆ Pedometer Steps may not be counted accurately in the following cases. - When the terminal moves randomly as the bag you put the Set whether to start the steps counting. terminal in hits your legs or hip, or when hanging the ・...

  • Page 152: Docomo Service/cloud

    docomo service initial settings : Set docomo service docomo service/cloud settings all at once. Switch USB debugging : Configure settings to use a dedicated terminal at a sales outlet such as a docomo Set docomo service/cloud. Shop. →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, Open source licenses : Show open source licenses.

  • Page 153: Device Management

    ・ The display of user names varies depending on the names Device management registered at the initial settings of the terminal. - When both the first and last names are registered or when only the first names are registered: the first names are ◆...

  • Page 154

    ❖ ◆ Apps Deleting applications ・ Manage or delete installed applications. For deleting the applications you obtained from Play Store, operating from the Google Play screen is recommended.→ ❖ Viewing permitted operation of the applications in the terminal ・ You cannot uninstall some pre-installed applications by default.

  • Page 155

    ❖ ◆ Memory Erasing data in microSD card (Format) ・ You can check the memory usage conditions of applications Note that this operation erases all data in the microSD card. installed in the terminal. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ ・ By tapping [Memory used by apps], you can check the [Device management]→[Storage &...

  • Page 156

    ❖ Resetting the terminal ◆ Accounts All installed applications and saved data to the terminal, for the Add or delete accounts. most part, are deleted when you reset the terminal. ❖ Adding accounts ・ To erase microSD card data, see "Erasing data in microSD card (Format)".→P153 From the Home screen, →[Settings]→...

  • Page 157

    ❖ Removing accounts ◆ Date & time Make the settings of date and time. →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, ・ When you unmark [Automatic date & time]/[Automatic time [Device management]→[ACCOUNTS] zone], you can set date, time zone, and time manually. Select an account type→Select an account→...

  • Page 158: About Phone

    ◆ Accessibility ◆ About phone Make the settings for supporting user operations. Display various information of the terminal. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ From the Home screen, →[Settings]→ [Device management]→[Accessibility] [Device management]→[About phone] Set required items Check items Software Update : Setting steps→P187 おすすめ使い方ヒント...

  • Page 159: File Management

    File management microSD card (External storage) ◆ microSD card Storage (Internal storage) ・ The terminal supports microSD card of up to 2 GB, microSDHC card and microSDHC UHS-I card of up to 32 GB, microSDXC card and microSDXC UHS-I card of up to 256GB Folders in the internal storage (/storage/emulated/0/) and (as of November, 2016).

  • Page 160

    ◆ Installing/Removing microSD card ■ Removing a Open the slot cap hooking the groove with your fingertip→ ・ Install/remove after unmounting microSD card (→P153) or turning off the power. b Push the microSD card lightly and release it, then pull the microSD card straight out ■...

  • Page 161: File Operations

    File operations You can manage data saved in the internal storage and microSD card (rename/delete/copy/move etc. folders and files). From the Home screen, →[KSfilemanager] Touch and hold a folder/file ・ Tap a file to display/play. ・ Tap [Home]/[SD Card] at the top of screen to switch displaying storage.

  • Page 162: Data Communication

    ❖ Data communication Handling precautions when using Bluetooth function ・ Connect with another Bluetooth device keeping the line-of- sight distance to 10 m or shorter. Distance available for ® connection may be shorter if obstacles exist between the Bluetooth communication terminal and the Bluetooth device or depending on surrounding (wall, furniture, etc.).

  • Page 163

    ◆ Bluetooth ON/OFF ◆ Connecting with registered Bluetooth devices Set Bluetooth to ON to use Bluetooth function. When you do not use Bluetooth, set it to OFF in order to cut the battery Connect Bluetooth device. You can talk or play back sounds or power consumption.

  • Page 164

    ◆ Sending or receiving data to or from ◆ Canceling connection with a Bluetooth Bluetooth device device You can send data such as Album-Scene (→P107) and contacts From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Wi-Fi or receive data from a Bluetooth device. & Bluetooth] ・...

  • Page 165: Nfc Communication

    ◆ Bluetooth Low Energy setting NFC communication Set notification for Bluetooth Low Energy device. From the Home screen, →[Settings]→[Wi-Fi NFC is an abbreviation for Near Field Communication and a & Bluetooth]→[Advanced Bluetooth]→ short range wireless communication method of international standard defined by ISO (International Organization for [Bluetooth Low Energy] Standardization).

  • Page 166

    Mark [Reader/Writer, P2P] [Android Beam]→Tap the button at the upper right of the screen to turn [Android Beam] ON ❖ Transferring content displayed on the screen You can transfer content shown on the screen such as websites, only by holding mark over each other's terminal.

  • Page 167: External Device Connection

    External device Photo transfer (PTP) : Transfer photos or movies to PC etc. which are not compatible with MTP. MIDI : Use the terminal for MIDI input. connection USB tethering : →P133 Perform target operations ✔INFORMATION Connecting with a PC ・...

  • Page 168: Connecting With A Printer

    ・ If Google account is not set, tap [Add Account] in the Connecting with a printer settings menu displayed after print search screen to set up a Google account. ・ If connection settings are not made for the daily used ◆...

  • Page 169: Connecting With Dlna Device

    アクセス権の設定 (Set access right) : Mark [アクセス権の初 Connecting with DLNA device 期設定 (Set up access right)] to permit DLNA devices to access the terminal. Unmark it to permit only DLNA devices that are marked in [接続機器の一覧 (Device list)] to Still images, videos or music stored in the terminal can be access.

  • Page 170

    ◆ Distributing contents in the terminal ◆ Playing back DLNA devices contents on the terminal Distribute contents on the terminal to DLNA devices. Playback can be operated via the terminal. ・ Disclose contents on the DLNA device to allow access from ・...

  • Page 171: Connecting With Other Devices

    ✔INFORMATION Connecting with other devices ・ Touch and hold content in the content selection screen to display menu options for playing or deleting the content, or downloading or playing it on another device. However, ◆ Displaying on Wi-Fi Miracast device via copyrighted contents may not be downloaded on some Wi-Fi connection DLNA devices.

  • Page 172: Overseas Use

    Overseas use Available services for overseas Main communication 3G850 Outline of international (GPRS) services roaming (WORLD WING) Phone ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ With the international roaming (WORLD WING), you can use Mail ○ ○ ○ ○ the terminal without changing phone number or mail address Browser ○...

  • Page 173: Before Using The Terminal Overseas

    ◆ Advance preparation Before using the terminal ■ About setting network service overseas If you subscribe to network services, you can use network services such as Voicemail service, Call forwarding service, ◆ Before leaving Japan Caller ID request service, etc., even overseas. Some network services are not available.

  • Page 174

    ◆ Settings for overseas use ✔INFORMATION ・ If you have set a overseas specific network operator in the ・ If you release SIM lock and use SIM by a carrier other than country you visited, set the mode to [Select automatically] NTT DOCOMO to perform data communication, set an after returning to Japan.

  • Page 175: Making/receiving A Call In The Country You Stay

    ❖ Date & time Making/Receiving a call in the When [Automatic date & time]/[Automatic time zone] in [Date country you stay & time] is marked, the date, time and time differences of the terminal are corrected by receiving information related to time and time differences from the network of overseas ◆...

  • Page 176

    ❖ ◆ Making a call inside the country you Making a call to your terminal stay ■ To have the other party in Japan call you overseas You can make a call to the other party's land-line phone or Have your phone number dialed as a domestic call in Japan. mobile phone in the same way you do in Japan.

  • Page 177: Setting International Roaming

    International prefix : Select the international prefix used in Setting international roaming the automatic conversion function. ◆ Setting network service (overseas) Make settings for international roaming service. ・ For some overseas network operators, settings may not be Set network service such as voicemail for overseas use. ・...

  • Page 178: After Returning To Japan

    Operate following on-screen instructions or the voice prompt After returning to Japan When you return to Japan, the terminal is connected to DOCOMO network automatically. If connection is failed, perform the following operations. ・ Set [Network Mode] in [Cellular networks] to [4G/3G/GSM (Auto)].→P172 ・...

  • Page 179: Appendix/index

    Appendix/Index ● Cannot charge the battery (the indicator LED does not turn on or blinks) • Is the adapters power plug inserted to the outlet or accessory socket correctly? • In case of using an AC Adapter (optional), is the microUSB plug of AC adapter connected to the terminal Troubleshooting (FAQ) correctly?→P35...

  • Page 180

    ● The operation time provided by the battery is short ● The terminal, etc. become hot while operating/charging • Running multiple applications increases battery While operating or charging, or if you call or watch TV, consumption and usage time may become short. Exit etc.

  • Page 181

    ● The clock is not on time • Do you operate with the touch panel wet or with your When the terminal is turned ON for a long time, the clock finger wet with sweat or water? • may go wrong. Check if [Automatic date & time]/ Do you operate under water? •...

  • Page 182

    ● Calls are not connected (Even when moving, ■ Mail does not disappear or although radio waves are enough, making/ ● Mail is not received automatically receiving calls is unavailable) • Is Emergency mode set?→P38 • Turn the power OFF and ON, or reattach the docomo •...

  • Page 183

    ■ Osaifu-Keitai ● There is no incoming call overseas Is Incoming call restriction while roaming set to [Activate ● Osaifu-Keitai function is unavailable restriction]?→P175 • When Omakase Lock is set, appear on the ● No caller ID is notified/A notified caller ID is different status bar and Osaifu-Keitai functions are unavailable from that of the caller/Functions for using contents regardless of the NFC/Osaifu-Keitai lock settings.

  • Page 184: Error Messages

    ■ Bluetooth ● Commercially available external devices (USB mouse, keyboard, etc.) are not recognized ● The terminal cannot be connected to a Bluetooth device/ If you use a microUSB adapter (commercially available), A Bluetooth communication device cannot be found connect microUSB adapter to the external device, and from the terminal then connect to the terminal.

  • Page 185: Anshin Enkaku Support

    ● The PUK is locked Anshin Enkaku Support If you enter a wrong PUK code of the docomo nano UIM card 10 times consecutively, this message is diplayed. Contact a sales outlet such as docomo Shop.→P137 By sharing screens of your terminal with DOCOMO, you can ●...

  • Page 186: Warranty And After-sales Service

    [遠隔サポートの接続画面に進む (Go to Enkaku Warranty and After-Sales support connection screen)]→[同意する Service (Agree)] Enter connection number notified by DOCOMO ❖ Warranty Enkaku support starts when you are connected ・ The terminal is provided with a written warranty. Make sure that you receive it. Check the written contents and items such as "販売店名・お買い上げ日...

  • Page 187

    ❖ After Sales Services ■ Repairs may not be possible in the following cases. ・ When, as the result of inspection, corrosion is found due to ■ When problems occur exposure to water, condensation or sweat, or any of the internal boards are damaged or deformed (damage to the Before repair, read "Troubleshooting"...

  • Page 188

    ■ Notes ・ Never modify this terminal. Data you created and downloaded data - May cause fire, injuries or malfunction. Note that data you created or data you retrieved or - The modified terminal may be repaired only if the owner downloaded from sources other than your terminal may agrees on that all the modified parts are restored to the be changed or lost when you change the model or have...

  • Page 189: Software Update

    ❖ Cautions Software update ・ When updating is performed, restoring the previous software is not possible. ◆ About Software Update ・ When updating, the private information concerning the terminal (model, serial number, etc.) is automatically sent to Software Update is a function that checks if update is the server of DOCOMO.

  • Page 190

    ■ When the icon is not displayed on the status bar - When the remaining battery is not sufficient - When the terminal is low on available memory Perform the update by the following operations. - When the basic software is altered →[Settings]→...

  • Page 191

    b Select operation ◆ Updating applications Download and Install : After downloading is complete, ・ After updating, check if there is an update for application. the installation starts automatically. If you do not tap Operations may become unstable or function may not work [OK], the installation starts 10 seconds later.

  • Page 192: Main Specifications

    Display Type TFT (IPS-NEO™) Main specifications Size Approx. 5.5 inch Number of 16777216 colors colors ■Phone × Resolution 1080 (H) 1920 (V) pixels (FHD) Product name F-01J × Image Type Out-camera : Backside- Size Approx. 156 mm (H) 75 mm ×...

  • Page 193

    Still picture recording size Out-camera : Bluetooth Version × 23M 5520 4140 × Output power class 1 17M 5520 3104 × Supported HFP (1.6), HSP (1.2), OPP (1.2), 8M 3840 2160 × profile SPP (1.2), HID (1.0), A2DP 3M 2048 1536 ×...

  • Page 194: Internal Battery

    ❖ Recording time of video (Estimation) Charging time indicates the estimated time for firstly charging an empty internal battery with the terminal turned OFF for approximately 10 minutes, and then charging with the terminal Shooting Size Maximum recording time per one item turned ON.

  • Page 195: Specific Absorption Rate (sar) Of Mobile Phones

    ❖ Available files for the terminal Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) You can create, view and edit (save) the following files using of Mobile Phones the "Word", "Excel", and "PowerPoint" applications in the terminal. This model F-01J mobile phone complies with Japanese Edit Type/Extension Create...

  • Page 196: Declaration Of Conformity

    This mobile phone can be used in positions other than against FUJITSU LIMITED Website: your head. Please keep the mobile phone farther than 1.5 cm (in Japanese away from your body by using such as a carrying case or a only) wearable accessory without including any metals.

  • Page 197

    ◆ FCC RF Exposure Information The SAR limit for mobile phones used by the public is 2.0 watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of tissue, This model phone meets the U.S. Government's requirements recommended by The Council of the European Union. for exposure to radio waves.

  • Page 198: Important Safety Information

    phone models, depending upon available accessories and FCC If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or requirements). television reception, which can be determined by turning the While there may be differences between the SAR levels of equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct various phones and at various positions, they all meet the U.S.

  • Page 199: Export Administration Regulations

    INTERFERENCE Export Administration Care must be taken when using the phone in close proximity to personal medical devices, such as pacemakers and hearing Regulations aids. Pacemakers Pacemaker manufacturers recommend that a minimum This product and its accessories may be under coverage of the separation of 15 cm be maintained between a mobile phone Export Administration Regulations of Japan ("Foreign and a pace maker to avoid potential interference with the...

  • Page 200: Intellectual Property Right

    ・ "ATOK" is a registered trademark of Intellectual Property Right JustSystems Corporation in Japan and other countries. "ATOK" is a copyrighted work of JustSystems Corporation and other rights are ◆ Copyrights and portrait rights those of JustSystems Corporation and respective owners. ・...

  • Page 201

    DLNA , the DLNA Logo and DLNA CERTIFIED™ are trademarks, service marks, or certification marks of the Digital Living Network Alliance. DLNA for this model is certified to FUJITSU LIMITED. ・ AOSS™ is a trademark of BUFFALO INC. ・ iWnn© OMRON SOFTWARE Co., Ltd. 2008-2015 All Rights Reserved.

  • Page 202

    (henceforth referred to as AVC video) and/or (ii) refer the website below. decode AVC video that was encoded by a consumer (In engaged in a personal and noncommercial activity and/or Japanese only) was obtained from a video provider licensed to provide AVC video.

  • Page 203: Sim Unlock

    SIM unlock This terminal supports SIM unlock. If you release SIM lock, you can use SIM by a carrier other than NTT DOCOMO. ・ Available services and functions may be limited. DOCOMO is not liable to any failures or malfunctions. ・...

  • Page 204: Index

    Airplane mode..............索引 Index Album-Scene ..............Viewing still image/Playing video......Android Beam ..............Anshin Enkaku Support ..........APN .................. Application list ..............Disabling applications ..........About phone..............Managing............... Auth ................Sorting ................Legal information ............Uninstalling ..............Status................Application permissions........... Access point ..............

  • Page 205

    Automatic video recording ........... Find Me Ringtone............Adjust flicker ............... Find Me Ringtone Settings......... Auto focus ..............Proximity..............White balance ............. Time ................Automatically lock ............Bluetooth tethering ............Auto-rotate screen ............Bookmarks................. Delete ................Edit ................. Brightness................ Back side microphone ............Backup &...

  • Page 206

    Dictionary utility ............Data roaming..............Editing text ..............Data usage............... Keyboard ................ Date & time ..............Setting ................Automatic date & time..........Voice input ..............Automatic time zone........... Charging................Select time zone ............AC adapter ..............Set date ................ Charging adapter............Set time................

  • Page 207

    docomo nano UIM card ............ Error messages ............... Installing................. Export Administration Regulations ......Removing ............... External connection jack ..........33, 137 Security code ............External device connection..........docomo nano UIM card slot..........Connecting with a PC..........docomo service/cloud ........... Connecting with a printer using cloud print ..... AUTO-GPS ..............

  • Page 208

    Information of home application........Initial settings..............Handwritten input............. Install certificates............Hiding recently used applications ........ Intellectual Property Right ..........Highlight & Copy............... Internal storage............... Home screen..............International call (WORLD CALL) ........Adding ................International dial assist ..........Back to app list............... International roaming (WORLD WING)......

  • Page 209

    Screen wallpaper............My Magazine ..............Lock screen message............. My physical profile ..................150 Lock & Security .............. LTE antenna section ............My profile................77, 79 47, 148 Mail................Navigation bar............Make passwords visible ..........Network Mode ..............Make pattern visible ............Network operators ............

  • Page 210

    Receiving/Displaying............. Editing ................Replying ................. Exporting ............... Favorites ................ Importing ............... Index................Open source software ........... My profile............... Osaifu-Keitai ..............Phonebook list............... Lock Setting ..............Profile screen..............Precautions on using............. Registering group ............Osaifu-Keitai service ............Registration ..............Out-camera ................ Search ................

  • Page 211

    Reading ............... Security code............... QWERTY keypad ............... Touch/Swipe..............Set up SIM card lock............Setting menu..............Shooting settings for still image........Recent calls................ Camera Mode .............. Recommended applications..........Display grid..............66, 71 Rejecting calls with SMS........... Exposure/WB ............... 70, 175 Remote operation settings ........Flash ................

  • Page 212

    Smart Lock..............Initialize ................SMS ..................Numeric keypad ............Creating ................QWERTY keypad ............Deleting ................Set selection list ............Displaying ..............ULTIAS Feature select ..........Forwarding..............Utility................Receiving................ Swipe ................. Replying ................. Switching input method ..........Sending ................Setting ................Software Update............

  • Page 213

    Activating ............... Channel setting.............. Vibrate on touch ............. Display subtitles ............Vibrate when ringing............End.................. Video call Link ................. Making a call..............Playing programs ............Receiving a call.............. Recording ............... Video correction.............. Reserving recording ............Video shooting screen............ Reserving watching............Viewing still image ............

  • Page 214

    Wi-Fi antenna section ............Wi-Fi Direct ..............Wi-Fi Easy Settings ............AOSS system .............. WPS system ..............Wi-Fi sleep policy ............Wi-Fi tethering..............WORLD CALL..............WORLD WING..............1Seg..................Appendix/Index...

  • Page 215

    Match the volume of voice and ring alert to your Use mobile phone with your manners! location Remember to be courteous to others when you use your ■ In a quiet place like a restaurant or hotel lobby, terminal.  pay attention to the volume of your voice etc. when using the terminal.

  • Page 216

    Functions designed for public use Your terminal has a number of useful functions designed for public use, such as a setting that instructs your terminal not to answer incoming calls and the ability to set the terminal for silent operation. ●...

  • Page 217

    Online Procedures, Confirmation of Subscription, etc. From the terminal dメニュー (dmenu)→"My docomo(お客様サポート)(My docomo (Customer support))"→"ドコモオンライン 手続き (docomo online procedures)" From PCs My docomo (→Select required item in "ドコモオンライン手続き (docomo online procedures)" ● There are cases where the site may not be available depending on system maintenance or subscription, etc. ●...

  • Page 218

    General Inquiries Technical Inquiries & Repairs <docomo Information Center> ■ From DOCOMO mobile phones (In Japanese only) 0120-005-250 (toll free) (No prefix) 113 (toll free) * Service available in: English, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish * Unavailable from part of IP phones. * Unavailable from land-line phones, etc.

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