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Fujitsu Transaction Solutions
Model: iPAD100-XX
FCC/IC: Part 15.247/RSS-210
RTL WO#: 2002188
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Summary of Contents for Fujitsu iPAD100 series

  • Page 1 Fujitsu Transaction Solutions Rhein Tech Laboratories Model: iPAD100-XX 360 Herndon Parkway FCC ID: QL9-IPAD100INT Suite 1400 FCC/IC: Part 15.247/RSS-210 Herndon, VA 20170 RTL WO#: 2002188 APPENDIX J: MANUAL Please refer to the following pages. Page 47 of 76...
  • Page 2 Operations Guide Revision 1.0 90000610...
  • Page 3: Preface

    Safety." Also keep this manual in a safe but convenient location for quick reference. Since Fujitsu takes every precaution to ensure that its products can be used safely without physical harm to users or damage to a product or peripheral equipment, use the iPAD only as instructed in this manual.
  • Page 4: Using The Ipad In Mission Critical Situations

    (referred to hereafter as "mission-critical" use). Customers considering the use the iPAD for mission-critical applications must have safety-assurance measures in place beforehand, and should consult a Fujitsu sales representative before proceeding.
  • Page 5: Regulatory Information

    Fujitsu’s RF products are designed to be compliant with the rules and regulations in the locations into which they are sold and are labeled as required. The majority of Fujitsu’s RF devices are type approved and do not require the user to obtain license or authorization before using the equipment.
  • Page 6 Draft FCC RF Exposure Guidelines The radio module in this device has been evaluated under FCC Bulletin OET 65C and found compliant to the requirements as set forth in CFR Sections 2.1091, 2.1093, and 15.247(b)(4) addressing RF Exposure from radio frequency devices. The iPad contains an internal low-power radio whose radiated output power is far below the FCC radio frequency exposure limits.
  • Page 7: Table Of Contents

    Draft Table of Contents Preface ..........................2 Using the iPAD in Mission Critical Situations ..............3 Regulatory Information .....................4 Contents ..........................6 Chapter 1 Before Using the iPAD..................8 1.1 Names of Parts ......................8 1.2 Using batteries......................13 1.2.1 Batteries ........................13 1.2.2 Charging the Main Battery..................14 1.2.3 Installing and Removing the Main Battery............20 1.2.4 Charging the Auxiliary Battery................21 Chapter 2 Setup ........................23...
  • Page 8 Draft C Accessories ........................51 D Options..........................51 E Supplies ...........................52 F Warning Indications and Symbols.................52 G Notes on Safety ......................54 H Conventions Used in the Manual ..................58...
  • Page 9: Chapter 1 Before Using The Ipad

    Draft Before Using the IPAD Names of Parts <Front> Part name Remarks Magnetic card reader Reads magnetic cards. Trigger key Used when the barcode scanner is used. Microphone (built-in) Used for speech input. Operations section See the <Operations section>. Resistive-film touch Referred to as "touch panel"...
  • Page 10 Draft <Rear> Part name Remarks Main battery Holds a lithium ion battery compartment (main battery). Speaker (built-in) Outputs sound. Bar code scanner Outputs the laser beam used to read a bar code. Compact flash slot A built-in 11 Mbps antennae for RF card Strap hole Means by which to attach a...
  • Page 11 Draft <Bottom> Part name Remarks Cradle interface Provides the contacts used to charge the iPAD or transfer data when it is mounted on the cradle (IPAD142-01) Available only on the IC card reader/writer IPAD100-20. Used to make a payment using an IC card.
  • Page 12 Draft <Operations section> Part name Remarks Cursor key Moves the cursor. Function key 1 Invokes a function defined by an application. Function key 2 Invokes a function defined by an application. Clear key [CLR] key in this manual. Shift key [SFT] key in this manual.
  • Page 13 Draft <Operating style> The iPAD is designed so that you can either hold it in one hand and operate it with your thumb or hold it in one hand and operate it with the other hand. The two styles shown in Figures 1 and 2.
  • Page 14: Using Batteries

    Draft Using Batteries 1.2.1 Batteries Battery types The iPAD has a main battery and an auxiliary battery. Main battery: The main battery is used to back up the contents of memory during normal operation and in suspend mode. Auxiliary battery: The auxiliary battery is used to back up the contents of memory if the main battery loses its charge or the main battery is being replaced.
  • Page 15: Charging The Main Battery

    Draft 1.2.2 Charging the main battery Charge the main battery the first time that you use it or when the battery charge is low. You can charge the main battery with any of the following methods: Mounting the iPAD on the cradle with the main battery mounted in the iPAD Using a single-pack charger Connecting two cradles for simultaneous charging of two batteries Connecting the single-pack charger and the cradle for simultaneous charging...
  • Page 16 Draft (1) Connect the AC adapter to either of the cradle connection ports. (2) Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet. (3) Turn off the iPAD. (4) Insert the iPAD with the main battery installed into the cradle until you hear a click. Charging starts.
  • Page 17 Draft (1) Using a daisychain cable, connect the AC adapter connection interface on the right of one cradle to the connection interface on the left of the second cradle. The cable can be connected to either of the two AC adapter connection interfaces provided on a cradle.
  • Page 18 Draft Eject button...
  • Page 19 Draft Charging the main battery using a single-pack charger (CA05951-7080) You can charge the main battery using a single-pack charger (CA05951-7080). Charging using this method requires a single-pack charger (CA05951-7080) and an AC adapter (CAS05306-D500). (1) Connect the AC adapter to the single-pack charger. (2) Plug the AC cable of the AC adapter into a wall outlet.
  • Page 20 Draft <Using a single-pack charger (CA05951-7080) and a cradle (IPAD142-01) that are connected> You can simultaneously charge main batteries mounted on a single-pack charger and in the IPAD mounted on a cradle. A single-pack charger (CA05951-7080), cradle (IPAD142-01), AC adapter (FHTAC601A), and a daisychain cable (CA72001-1895) are required for this operation.
  • Page 21: Installing And Removing The Main Battery

    Draft CAUTION If you mount the iPAD on the cradle while IPAD power is on, the LED lights but the battery is not fully charged. The LED will not light if the main battery is not correctly mounted on a single-pack charger.
  • Page 22: Charging The Auxiliary Battery

    Draft Removing the main battery (1) Turn off the iPAD. (2) On the rear of the iPAD, slide the battery lock switches on both sides of the lower part to the outside. (3) Slide down the cover to remove it. (4) Pull the black ribbon to remove the battery.
  • Page 23 Draft CAUTION The auxiliary battery is temporarily used to retain data while the main battery is being replaced. The life of the auxiliary battery may be shortened if the iPAD is left with only the auxiliary battery installed. Do not leave the iPAD in a state with the main battery removed.
  • Page 24: Chapter 2 Setup

    Setup After the iPAD has been removed from its packaging, set it up. (1) When you turn on the iPAD for the first time, the initial installation screen shown below appears. To start the setup process, press the [CAN] key while holding down the [SFT] key. Is this the initial installation? (2) The touch panel correction screen appears.
  • Page 25: Chapter 3 Using The Ipad

    but it has not been charged. To charge the auxiliary battery, install a charged main battery in the iPAD. >>Reference>> Section 1.2.4, "Charging the auxiliary battery" Using the iPAD Power on/off (suspend/resume) 3.1.1 Turning on the iPAD (resume mode) With the power off, press the Power key until the LED lights in green.
  • Page 26: Checking The Battery Status

    CAUTION Do not unlock and remove the main battery from the iPAD until power has been turned off. Doing so may cause the data in memory to be lost. Do not turn off the iPAD in the following state: • Data is being backed up or restored. (The hourglass icon is displayed.) For Reference You can also turn off the iPAD as follows:...
  • Page 27 System Information × Battery information Main battery Status: External power source Remaining charge Auxiliary battery Status : Normal 1. Volume and brightness settings 2. Touch screen calibration Battery voltage: 3.87 V Check the battery status in [Battery Information]. The items in [Battery Information] have the following meanings: Main battery Status −...
  • Page 28 Note If [Insufficient charge] is displayed, the remaining battery charge is too low. Either charge the battery or replace it with a spare battery. If the charge is too low, a message is displayed on the screen and the iPAD is automatically turned off after a while.
  • Page 29: Adjusting The Volume

    battery has an insufficient charge. >>Reference>> For information about charging the auxiliary battery, see Section 1.2.4, "Charging the auxiliary battery." Adjusting the Volume While the iPAD is on, press the [ENT] key while holding down the [SFT] key to bring up the [System Information] window.
  • Page 30: Adjusting The Brightness Of The Front Light

    Adjusting the Brightness of the Front Light While the iPAD is on, press the [ENT] key while holding down the [SFT] key to bring up the [System Information] window. Next, tap [1. Volume and brightness settings]. Volume and Brightness Volume High Front light Dark...
  • Page 31 Perform touch screen calibration as follows: While the IPAD is on, press the [ENT] key while holding down the [SFT] key to bring up the [System Information] window. Next, tap [2. Touch screen calibration] key on the screen or press the [2] key to bring up the following touch screen calibration screen.
  • Page 32: Virtual Keyboard

    again. Use a stylus. Do not tap the screen with a pencil, ballpoint pen, or any other pointed object. Doing so may scratch or crack the screen. Do not touch the screen with your palm while you are tapping the screen. ⌦...
  • Page 33 handwriting (Figure 3). (Figure 1) (Figure 2) Em/en Back space Kata Enter kana Sym- Space Hira gana (Figure 3) Handwriting Em-size Number Recog- nize Space Convert You can change the keyboard type as follows: (1) Double-tap the [Input Panel] icon in [Control Panel]. (2) When [Input Panel Properties] is displayed, select a keyboard type in [Current Input Method].
  • Page 34: Resetting The Ipad

    ⌦ This completes the operation. Resetting the iPAD 3.7.1 Using the reset switch Use the reset switch mainly to install an application or driver or change a setting. (1) If possible, save the data that you are working on. (2) Using a stylus, press the reset switch located on the left side of the rear of the iPAD. (3) The screen turns black, then the power is turned on again.
  • Page 35 (2) On the rear of the iPAD, slide the battery lock switches on both sides of the lower part to the outside. (3) Slide down the cover to remove it. (4) Pull the black ribbon to remove the battery. (5) Using the stylus, press the switch exposed when the battery is removed. All the data in memory is cleared, and memory is initialized.
  • Page 36: Chapter 4 Led Indications

    LED Indications This chapter explains the indications of the LED on the IPAD and on the single-pack charger. iPAD LED LED indication Equipment Explanation Indication status iPAD is Lights and then The iPAD is starting up being goes off. (resuming operation). turned on Do not operate the iPAD until the LED goes off.
  • Page 37: Led On The Single-Pack Charger During Charging

    LED on the Single-Pack Charger during Charging LED indication Meaning Indication Lights. The battery is being charged. Lights. Charging is complete. Lights. The main battery cannot be charged because it either is not correctly connected to the single-pack charger or is faulty.
  • Page 38: Installing The Rf Card

    Installing the RF Card 5.1.1 Parts for RF LAN card installation The following parts are included with main unit: (A) Side cover (B) Card stopper Stopper for Intel / Symbol RF LAN Card (C) Card Tab Pull-tab for RF Card 5.2.
  • Page 39 Remove the protective sheet from the adhesive tape of the pull tab and attach it to the RF card so the RF connecters are covered with the pull tab as shown. Make sure the RF connecters are firmly connected. Insert card completely and tuck the pull-tab and antenna cables into the slot. Take off ABS resin block and rubber from side cover.
  • Page 40: Chapter 6 Bar Code Scanner

    Bar Code Scanner Reading aperture of bar code scanner Using the Bar Code Scanner (1) Aim the bar code scanner of the iPAD at a bar code. (2) Press either of the trigger switches on the two sides of the iPAD. A scanning beam passes through the reading aperture of the bar code scanner.
  • Page 41: Bar Code Specifications

    WARNING Do not look into the reading aperture while a scanning beam is being emitted. Doing so can injure the eyes. For Reference A scanning beam stops in about one second if you continue to press the trigger key but no bar code is detected from the reading aperture.
  • Page 42: Bar Code Sample Chart

    Bar Code Sample Chart Use the sample chart to check whether the scanner is faulty. Code 39 JAN standard JAN abbreviated UPC/E UPC/A Code 128 InterLeaved2of5...
  • Page 43: Chapter 7 Magnetic Card Reader

    EAN-8 EAN-13 CAUTION This chart may become illegible due to age or improper handling of the User's Manual. Magnetic Card Reader (1) After making sure of the orientation (direction of the arrow, for example), insert a magnetic card. (2) Slowly move the magnetic card from left to right. Note A magnetic card will not be read correctly if movement stops part way, the speed of...
  • Page 44: Chapter 8 Ic Card Reader/Writer

    (Insertion is the same as for a magnetic card.) − Replacement cycle: Replace the cleaning card (supplied at a cost) when it becomes contaminated. If errors still occur after the reader has been cleaned, notify your Fujitsu maintenance representative. CAUTION Before cleaning the reader, turn off the IPAD to guard against a possible malfunction.
  • Page 45 (Insertion is the same as for an IC card.) − Replacement cycle: Replace the cleaning card (supplied at a cost) when it becomes contaminated. If errors still occur after the reader has been cleaned, notify your Fujitsu maintenance representative. CAUTION Before cleaning the reader, turn off the iPAD...
  • Page 46: Chapter 9 User Action Response To Messages

    User Action in Response to Messages If any of the following messages are displayed, take the action described in the following table. Message Cause User response Main battery alarm The main Either replace the main battery or battery charge the main battery using the The front light is off.
  • Page 47: Chapter 10 Troubleshooting

    10 Troubleshooting If you encounter any of the problems described in the following table while using the IPAD, take the indicated action before notifying your maintenance representative. Problem User response The IPAD cannot be turned on. The main battery has no charge. Replace it with a charged main battery.
  • Page 48: Chapter 11 Correctly Using The Ipad

    11 Correctly Using the iPAD 11.1 Using the main battery To prevent deterioration, do not store the main battery for a long time when it is fully charged. For long-term storage, remove the battery from the IPAD when it is about 50% charged and store it at room temperature.
  • Page 49: Long-Term Storage

    >>Reference>> For information about charging the auxiliary battery, see Section 1.2.4, "Charging the auxiliary battery." 11.3 Long-term storage Store the iPAD where it will not be exposed to vibration, dust, high and low temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight. Storing the iPAD with the programs saved To avoid discharging of the main and auxiliary batteries, charge the main battery once every week.
  • Page 50: A Specifications

    Specifications Item Specification Controller Intel XScale-400MHz Memory ROM: 32M bytes RAM: 64M bytes(SDRAM) FFS 32MB Windows CE .NET Display section Type 3.5-inch TFT reflective color LCD Screen size 240 (H) × 320 (V) dots Display lighting High-intensity front light Operator section Touch panel (resistive-film type), trigger switches (bar code scanner input), power key, function keys, set key, cursor keys, clear key, numeric keypad, ×...
  • Page 51 External dimensions PDA size (84 (W) ×187 (D) ×23 (H) mm) Weight About 340 g (battery included)
  • Page 52: B Consumables

    If the main battery requires two cycles of charging and discharge per day, service life is less than one year. If you use the iPAD in a manner that is not standard use as specified by Fujitsu, components other than the consumables listed above may have to be replaced at the user's expense.
  • Page 53: C Accessories

    Accessories Item Quantity * Lithium ion battery for FWT3xxx * Strap with a stylus pen * Cleaning card Drip-proof cover (for magnetic card reader) Operation's manual 1 (this manual) * Supplies that can be purchased are the lithium ion battery for the FWT3XXX, strap with a stylus pen, and cleaning card (product name: Magnetic Card Reader Cleaning Card).
  • Page 54: E Supplies

    Supplies For supplies, use authentic Fujitsu CoWorCo brand name products appropriate for the iPAD. The use of other supplies will shorten the life of IPAD parts or cause the IPAD to malfunction. Item Product Shipping Remarks code unit Lithium ion...
  • Page 55 moderate personal injury if the user does not perform the procedure correctly. Also indicates that damage to the product or other property could occur if the user does not perform the procedure correctly. Warning Symbols Indicates the possibility of injury from an electric shock.
  • Page 56: G Notes On Safety

    G Notes on Safety WARNING Do not damage the power cord when you use the AC adapter, single-pack charger, or cradle. Doing so may result in an electric ELECTRIC SHOCK shock or fire. Use only the specially designed cradle, AC adapter, and single-pack charger.
  • Page 57 WARNING − Do not use or leave the battery near a flame, fire, stove, or other source of heat, in direct sunlight, or in a car exposed to sunlight. GENERAL INHIBITION − Do not put the battery in a microwave oven or other hot container.
  • Page 58 Do not apply a strong shock to the iPAD. Do not drop the iPAD. Although the iPAD is resistant to breakage for ordinary operations (for example, putting it on a desk), Fujitsu recommends that users use a neck strap so that the iPAD cannot be accidentally dropped.
  • Page 59 Always keep the magnetic card reader and magnetic cards clean. If dust, oil, or water gets on them, an error occurs or the magnetic head GENERAL CAUTION malfunctions or deteriorates. Do not lubricate the magnetic card reader. If you drop an object into the magnetic card reader slot, use tweezers or a similar means to extract it.
  • Page 60: H Conventions Used In The Manual

    H Conventions Used in the Manual Symbols Symbol Meaning Note Indicates a precaution or information you need to note. Be sure to read these items. Indicates useful information. reference >>Reference>> Indicates a section to be referred to for more information. Circled numbers Indicates the steps, starting (such as (1) and...

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