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Fujitsu FOMA F884i Docomo Instruction Manual


Quick Links

General Inquiries <DoCoMo Information Center>
■(In English)
0120-005-250 (toll-free)
* Available from general subscriber phones, mobile
phones and PHSs.
■(In Japanese only)
No prefix 151 (toll-free)
* Available only from mobile phones and PHSs.
●Please check on the number before dialing.
Loss or theft of FOMA terminal or
payment of cumulative cost overseas
<DoCoMo Information Center>
(24 hours)(In Japanese only)
●From DoCoMo mobile phone
International access number for
your staying country (Table 1)
* Long distance call to Japan will be charged when calling from a
general subscriber phone.
* When calling from an F884i, dial +81-3-5366-3114 to
contact the DoCoMo Information Center. (Press and hold
the "0" key for 1 second or more to enter "+".)
●From general subscriber phone <Universal number>
International phone code for
Universal number (Table 2)
* Local call charges may be required.
* For International access number for major countries
(Table1)/International phone code for Universal number
(Table2), see PXXX in User's manual.
●In case your FOMA terminal is misplaced or stolen, immediately contact DoCoMo to request suspension of usage.
●In case your FOMA terminal has troubles, bring it to the nearest DoCoMo repair handling service counter after returning to
Retailer NTT DoCoMo Group
NTT DoCoMo Hokkaido, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Tohoku, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Tokai, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Hokuriku, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Chugoku, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Shikoku, Inc.
・By "Voice reading function", you can perform
menu operation without depending on your
vision or you can use mail or i-mode.
・By "One-touch dial function", you can make
a call with one touch of a button.
■(In Japanese only)
No prefix 113 (toll-free)
* Available only from mobile phones and PHSs.
0120-800-000 (toll-free)
* Available from general subscriber phones, mobile
phones and PHSs.
●Please check on the number before dialing.
●For further information, please refer to the list of service
 stations supplied with your FOMA terminal.
Failures encountered overseas
<Network Operation Center>
(24 hours)
●From DoCoMo mobile phone
International access number for
your staying country (Table 1)
* Long distance call to Japan will be charged when calling from a
general subscriber phone.
* When calling from an F884i, dial +81-3-6718-1414 to
contact the Network Operation Center. (Press and hold
the "0" key for 1 second or more to enter "+".)
●From general subscriber phone <Universal number>
International phone code for
Universal number (Table 2)
* Local call charges may be required.
* For International access number for major countries
(Table1)/International phone code for Universal number
(Table2), see PXXX in User's manual.
NTT DoCoMo, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Kansai, Inc.
NTT DoCoMo Kyushu, Inc.
To promote environmental conservation,
be sure to return your used battery pack
to NTT DoCoMo's sales outlets, our
cooperate agencies or the shops that
collect used battery in your community.
80% made from
trees in properly
20% recycled-content
managed forests
Easy Search/Contents/Precautions
Before Using the Handset
Voice/Videophone Calls
Sound/Screen/Light Settings
Security Settings
Voice calling/Voice reading
GPS function
Data Display/Edit/Management
Other Convenient Functions
Character Entry
Network Services
PC connection setting
Overseas Use
Appendix/External Devices/
Index/Quick Manual



Summary of Contents for Fujitsu FOMA F884i Docomo

  • Page 1: Before Using Your Foma Terminal

    NTT DoCoMo Hokuriku, Inc. NTT DoCoMo Kansai, Inc. NTT DoCoMo Chugoku, Inc. NTT DoCoMo Shikoku, Inc. NTT DoCoMo Kyushu, Inc. Overseas Use Manufacturer: FUJITSU LIMITED Appendix/External Devices/ Troubleshooting ・By "Voice reading function", you can perform To promote environmental conservation, Index/Quick Manual...
  • Page 2 F884i_2kou 0 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時19分 DoCoMo W-CDMA, GSM/GPRS System Thank you for selecting FOMA F884i mobile terminal. Both before and during use of your FOMA mobile terminal, be sure to thoroughly read this manual and instruction manuals that come with other optional devices to ensure you are able to correctly use your FOMA mobile terminal.
  • Page 3 F884i_2kou 1 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時2分 How to use this manual Structure and describing ways of this manual are introduced here. In this manual, to select a function or an item by pressing UDLR (Multi- ● cursor button) is referred to as "select". The character input method is described mainly by in-line entry (the method to enter ●...
  • Page 4: Easy Search

    F884i_2kou 4 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時37分 Easy Search Easy Search Easy Search Use this function when you want to look up a frequently-used function or a convenient fraction by a simple word. Showing/Hiding your phone number ..Caller ID notification Convenient Putting the call on hold..........
  • Page 5 F884i_2kou 5 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時37分 Camera Saving shot photos to microSD memory card....... 160 Shooting a photo with a frame....... Selecting frame Changing the size of photo ........Image size Viewing shot photos........... Display image Hiding contents of phonebook .... Secret attribute setting Safety and Locking FOMA remotely in case of misplacement, etc.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    F884i_2kou 6 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時3分 ■ Before using your FOMA terminal ...Inside of the front cover ■ How to use this manual............1 ■ Easy Search................4 ■ Main functions of FOMA F884i..........8 CONTENTS ■ Precautions (ALWAYS FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS)..10 ■...
  • Page 7 F884i_2kou 7 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時3分 i-αppli Downloading Starting i-αppli Sync i-αppli start i-αppli stand-by display Managing i-αppli etc. Osaifu-Keitai/ToruCa iC transfer service Starting Osaifu-Keitai compatible i-αppli Downloading ToruCa Managing ToruCa IC card lock etc. GPS Function GPS Position location Navigation software Location request Notify location Loc. history Setting GPS etc.
  • Page 8: Main Functions Of Foma F884I

    F884i_2kou 8 ページ 2008年1月10日 木曜日 午後7時59分 Main functions of FOMA F884i FOMA is a DoCoMo's service name based on W-CDMA recognized as one of the global standards for 3rd generation wireless communication (IMT-2000). Major characteristics of F884i i-mode mail and Easy Deco-mail 1Seg →p.320 →p.221, p.223...
  • Page 9 F884i_2kou 9 ページ 2008年1月10日 木曜日 午後7時59分 Various security settings Omakase Lock Data Security Service →p.129 →p.139 Omakase Lock is a service that locks FOMA This service allows you to store phonebook, terminal on request from the subscriber. Even mails and/or images saved in FOMA terminal if the holder of FOMA terminal is different to Data Center and, in case of misplacement, from its subscriber, the terminal may be...
  • Page 10: Precautions (Always Follow These Directions)

    F884i_2kou 10 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 ■ Precautions contain the Precautions description below : (ALWAYS FOLLOW Handling FOMA terminal, battery pack, adapter (including battery charger) and UIM (Common) ...10 THESE DIRECTIONS) Handling FOMA terminal ........11 Handling battery pack ........... 13 Handling optional devices (AC adapter/DC adapter/ ●Before using your FOMA terminal, or desktop holder/In-car holder)......
  • Page 11 F884i_2kou 11 ページ 2008年1月10日 木曜日 午後8時1分 Do not store the equipment in WARNING extremely humid, dusty or hot areas. Don’t May cause malfunction. Do not put the battery pack, FOMA Children using the equipment should terminal, adapter (including battery Don’t be instructed in proper operation by charger) or UIM in microwave ovens an adult.
  • Page 12 F884i_2kou 12 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 Do not put foreign objects such as Turn the FOMA terminal OFF near liquid like water, metal pieces or high-precision electronic control Don’t burnable things into the UIM slot or equipment or electronic equipment microSD memory card slot. using low-power signals.
  • Page 13 F884i_2kou 13 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 Do not bring magnetized objects When watching 1Seg, take a certain close to the FOMA terminal. distance from the display in a fully Don’t Bringing strong magnetism close may bright place. cause a malfunction. May cause your eyesight to be impaired. If the display part is accidentally Handling battery pack damaged and liquid crystal leaks out,...
  • Page 14 F884i_2kou 14 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 If the battery pack does not have a Always use the DC adapter with a full charge after being charged for the negative-ground vehicle. Do not plug Don’t specified time, stop charging it. it into a positive-ground vehicle. May cause the battery pack to leak, heat, May cause fire.
  • Page 15 F884i_2kou 15 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 When you connect the AC adapter to WARNING an outlet, make sure not to touch with metal such as metal straps and Obey the following rules inside firmly connect to the outlet. medical facilities : May cause electric shock, electrical short or ・...
  • Page 16: Handling Instructions

    F884i_2kou 16 ページ 2008年1月10日 木曜日 午後8時6分 FOMA terminal Handling instructions ● Avoid extreme temperature. ・ Use FOMA terminal in an ambient temperature General range of between 5 and 35℃, and in a humidity range of between 45 and 85%. ● Keep water away from FOMA terminal. ●...
  • Page 17 F884i_2kou 17 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 ● Charge the battery in an area within the proper ● Avoid extreme temperature. ● Take care not to scratch, touch accidentally or ambient temperature range (5-35℃). ● Always charge before using it for the first time or short IC.
  • Page 18: Intellectual Property Rights

    F884i_2kou 18 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 ● This product contains NetFront Browser and Intellectual property NetFront Sync Client of ACCESS CO., LTD. © Copyright 2008 ACCESS CO., LTD. All rights rights reserved. ACCESS and NetFront are trademarks or registered trademarks of ACCESS CO., Copyrights and portrait rights Japan and other countries.
  • Page 19 F884i_2kou 19 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 The abbreviations of operating systems Other (Japanese versions) below are used in this manual : ● FeliCa is a contactless IC card technology ® ● Windows Vista stands for Windows Vista developed by Sony Corporation. (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, ●...
  • Page 20: Basic Package And Optional Accessories

    F884i_2kou 20 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後6時8分 Basic package and optional accessories ■ Basic package FOMA F884i (including the Back Cover F28 and the written warranty) FOMA F884i FOMA F884i INSTRUCTION MANUAL かんたん操作ガイド (This manual) (Easy operation guide) * Quick Manual is appended on p.524.
  • Page 21 F884i_2kou 21 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 Before Using the Handset Names and functions of parts..................Swinging display (YOKO-MOTION)................Display overview ......................Sub-display overview ....................Menu operation ......................Using UIM (FOMA card)....................Attaching/Removing battery pack ................Charging the FOMA terminal ..................Checking remaining battery level........<Remaining battery level> Turning power ON/OFF ..............
  • Page 22 F884i_2kou 22 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 Names and functions of parts Names of parts of F884i and main functions assigned to buttons are explained below. ● In the explanation of operations, the buttons described here are represented by graphical symbols. f mMenu button a Earpiece Use to display menus or to perform the Other party's voice is heard from here.
  • Page 23 F884i_2kou 23 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 i 0-9Keypad dial q fEnd/Power button Use to enter phone numbers or text, or to select Use to terminate calling/operating function, on- menu items. hold, or to cancel Secret mode. Press 0 for 1 sec. or more to enter "+". Press for 2 sec.
  • Page 24 F884i_2kou 24 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 Swinging display (YOKO-MOTION) With FOMA terminal open, rotate the display 90 degrees to the right or left to display Horizontal display. ● If you rotate the display clockwise, 1Seg starts, and if you rotate the display counterclockwise, image shooting starts.
  • Page 25 F884i_2kou 25 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 Display overview Icons shown on the display are explained here. b cde f g h i Information, newly arrived <Horizontal position> information Ticker of i-Channel m nop <Vertical position> : Display of remaining battery level : 64K data communication is going →p.43 on→p.422...
  • Page 26 F884i_2kou 26 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 (red) : SMS are full in UIM : Performing 1Seg Timer recording/ (black) : Unread i-mode mail and *2, 3 1Seg recording (only watching SMS exist stopped)→p.328, p.333 / (black/red) : Unread MessageR exits/ : i-αppli Auto start failed→p.278 full→p.197, p.199 : P-Talk speakerphone→p.71 (black/red) : Unread MessageF exits/...
  • Page 27 F884i_2kou 27 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 Display of information/newly arrived information If there is a notification of failed auto-update of phonebook or saving phonebook, auto-update of pattern definitions or result of Location request of GPS, it is displayed as information on stand-by display.
  • Page 28 F884i_2kou 28 ページ 2008年1月9日 水曜日 午後5時50分 N F O R M A T ● On the screen of ナビソフト (Navigation software) or 脳力ストレッチ (Brain power stretch), even if the operations corresponding to kUDLR are not displayed on the guide line, these buttons may be available.