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Push the ejector levers inward to ensure close contact between the MPU and the backplane.
Position the screws into the holes and fasten them with a screwdriver to attach the MPU.
Figure 29 Installing an MPU

Connecting power cords

Follow these guidelines before connecting power cords:
For lightning protection, the AC power should be led through an external lightning device into a
12500E switch. For more information, see "Appendix D Lightning protection."
Make sure the power switch on the power frame is in the OFF position.
For personal and switch safety, do not connect the power cords with the power. Power off the
grounding strip, connect the power cords, power on the grounding strip, and then power on the
Connecting an AC power cord
Each Power receptacle corresponds to a power module slot. For example, if slot 1 is installed with a
power module, the number 1 Power receptacle must be connected to a power source with an AC power
cord to make the power module operate correctly.
The AC power system for the 12500E requires 16A AC power cords. You need to prepare 16A power
strips, and make sure the AC power supply system can provide enough power. For AC power cords used
in different countries or regions, see "Appendix A Technical specifications."
The 12508E-AC and 12518E-AC models adopt the PSE20KA1 AC power system.


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