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electromagnetic wave radiation, or common impedance (including the grounding system) coupling. To
prevent EMI, take the following actions:
If AC power is used, use a single-phase three-wire power receptacle with protection earth (PE) to
filter interference from the power grid.
Keep the switch far away from radio transmitting stations, radar stations, and high-frequency
Use electromagnetic shielding, for example, shielded interface cables, when necessary.
Route interface cables only indoors to prevent signal ports from getting damaged by overvoltage or
overcurrent caused by lightning strikes.


Using a good grounding system to protect your switch against lightning shocks, interferences, and ESD
is essential to the operating reliability of your switch.
Make sure the resistance between the chassis and the ground is less than 1 ohm.
Power supply
To meet the power supply requirements:
Calculate the system power consumption.
Select power modules according to the system power consumption and power supply mode.
To ensure normal operation of the switch, make sure the maximum output power of the power
modules is greater than the system power consumption of the switch (reserve certain power for
redundancy). After determining the system power consumption and power supply mode (AC or
DC power supply), you can select power modules as needed.
Verify that the power source on the installation site meets the requirements of the power modules.
Make sure the power source of the installation site is steady and can meet the requirements of the
power modules, including the input method and rated input voltage.
For the power consumption and power module specifications of the switch, see "Appendix A Technical
Plan the installation site for adequate ventilation.
Leave at least 10 cm (3.94 in) of clearance around the air intake vents and exhaust vents.
Equip a good cooling system for the cabinet to install the switch.
Equip a good cooling system for the installation site.
2, and
Figure 3
show the ventilation of the 12508E, and 12518E.


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