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Appendix E Engineering labels

Engineering labels are used to identify cables and devices for easy maintenance after installation.
There are two types of engineering labels, labels for cables and labels for devices.
Labels for cables
Cables include signal cables such as network cables and fibers, and power cords such as AC power
cords and DC power cords. Labels for cables fall into labels for signal cables, labels for power cords,
and generic labels.
Labels for signal cables
A label for signal cables is L-shaped with fixed dimensions. The light-blue dividing lines on the label help
to specify more clearly the position of the cable. For example, there is one dividing line between the rack
number and the chassis number and another one between the chassis number and the slot number. The
cut dotted line helps to fold the label when you affix it to the cable. A mark "TO:" is located at the lower
right corner of the label to identify the peer end of the cable on which the label is affixed.
As shown in
Write the position of the cable in Area 1.
Write the position of the cable on the peer end in Area 2.
Area 3 is the part that is folded up inside the label when the label is affixed to the cable.
Figure 80 Label for signal cables
(1) Dividing line
Labels for power cords
A label for power cords should be attached to the identification plate on a cable tie that binds the power
cords. The identification plate has an embossment of 0.2 × 0.6 mm (0.008 × 0.02 in) around (symmetric
on both sides), and the area in the middle is for affixing the label.
A mark "TO:" is located at the upper left corner of the label to identify the peer end of the cord on which
the label is affixed. You can write the position of the peer device, control cabinet, distribution box, or
power socket. The meaning of the dividing lines is the same as labels for signal cables.
80, write a signal cable label as follows:
(2) Cut dotted line


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