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Engineering labels for DC power cords

These labels are affixed to DC cords that provide power for racks, and the protection grounding cables
including the –48V, PGND, and BGND cables. The labels for DC power cords are affixed to one side of
the identification plates on cable ties.
Table 62 Information on labels affixed to DC power cords
The label only carries location information about the peer equipment, control cabinet, or distribution box,
while the information of the local end is not necessary.
supplies on the label. The information for other DC voltages (such as 24V, 60V) should be given in similar
Make sure labels are affixed in the correct direction. After the cable ties are bundled onto the cable, the
identification plates with the labels should face up, and the text on the labels in the same cabinet should
be in the same direction, as shown in
Figure 91 Example of labels on a DC power cord
A01/B08––48V2 (loaded cabinet side)—The power cord is –48V2 DC supply, which is from the 8
connecter on the second row of –48V bus bar in the cabinet on Row A, and Column 1 in the
equipment room.
B03––48V2 (distribution box side)—The power cord is –48V2 DC supply, which is from the loaded
cabinet on Row B, Column 03 in the equipment room.
In the power distribution box (or the first power cabinet of a row in the transmission equipment room),
every terminal block on the –48V connector bar has a numeric identification. For example, in the above
label of "A01/B08--48V2", "08" (or sometimes "8") is the numeric identification of the terminal block.
PGND and RTN are two copper bars, on which the terminal blocks are short-circuited, so which terminal
is connected makes no difference. You only need to give the row and column numbers of the power
distribution box, instead of giving the specific serial number of the terminal block on the copper bar. For
Loaded cabinet side—Only MN is used to identify the cabinet number (row
number and column number in the equipment room).
Power cabinet side—MN identifies the row and column number of the
power distribution equipment like the control cabinet and distribution box.
BC identifies the row and column number of the –48V connector (if there is
no row number or column number, or the connector can be identified
without them, BC can be omitted). RTN and PGND have no row and
column number for identification.
n—Power port number in down-top and left-right order, in the range of 1 to
Table 62
lists the information of two –48V power


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