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HP 5800-48G Installation Manual: Mounting The Switch On A Workbench; Grounding The Switch; Grounding The Switch With A Grounding Strip

Hp 5820x & 5800 switch series installation guide.
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Mounting the switch on a workbench

Ensure good ventilation and 10 cm (3.9 in) of clearance around the chassis for heat dissipation.
Avoid placing heavy objects on the switch.
To mount the switch (except the 5800AF-48G and the 5820AF-24XG) on a workbench:
Verify that the workbench is sturdy and correctly grounded.
Place the switch with bottom up, and clean the round holes in the chassis bottom with dry cloth.
Attach the rubber feet to the four round holes in the chassis bottom.
Place the switch with upside up on the workbench.

Grounding the switch

Correctly connecting the switch grounding cable is crucial to lightning protection and EMI protection.
The power input end of the switch has a noise filter, whose central ground is directly connected to the
chassis to form the chassis ground (commonly known as PGND). You must securely connect this chassis
ground to the earth so the faradism and leakage electricity can be safely released to the earth to
minimize EMI susceptibility of the switch.
You can ground a switch by using a grounding strip at the installation site or the AC power cord
connected to the switch.
The power and grounding terminals in this section are for illustration only.

Grounding the switch with a grounding strip

Connect the grounding cable to the grounding system in the equipment room. Do not connect it to a fire
main or lightning rod.
If a grounding strip is available at the installation site, connect the grounding cable to the grounding
Grounding a 5800AF-48G/5820AF-24XG switch
To connect the grounding cable:
Attach the two-hole grounding lug at one end of the grounding cable to a grounding point on the
switch chassis (see
Remove the hex nut of a grounding post on the grounding strip.
Attach the ring terminal at the other end of the grounding cable to the grounding strip through the
grounding post, and fasten the ring terminal with the removed hex nut.
"Connecting the grounding cable to the


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